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Mystara Planetary System

by unknown with additional work by Robin

I dug deep into my sources, and found this; (Source; an Old D&D forum)

RL Name CM7 D&D Name Thyatian name (Havard) Size(miles) Diameter(Miles) Solar Distance(miles) Basic Element Other
Sun Sol Ixionis, The Sun Huge 864.000 0 Fire Some Fire Elementals reside here  
Mercurius Sol's Sister Alphaksis/Asterius Earth Type 3012 36.231.000 Fire/Earth exists since 1008 AC, Named after Asterius, Patron of Trade (like the god Mercurius). Very Thin atmosphere of sodium, magnesium, calcium, and Traces of hydrogen, helium, and potassium. Almost no oxygen.−173 °C; −280 °F at night to 427 °C; 800 °F during the day.  
Venus Mym Valeriae Earth Type 7581 67.000.000 Earth/Fire/Air Hot very dense Atmosphere of carbon dioxide (oxygen high up enabling Floating life). Temp. surface is 467 °C, 872 °F  
Earth Mystara Mystara Earth Type 7926 92.900.000 Earth/Water/Air Civilization, Abundant Magic, Hollow  
Moon Matera Matera Moon Type 2159 Satellite Earth Hollow with air and civilization, surface with visitor remnants, immortal city Pandius  
- Patera unknown Earth Type 1750 Satellite Earth/Water/Air Civilization, Radates Invisibility Field  
- - Crown Rock Rock 500?? 111.500.000? Earth Gravity Captured Rock From Begin Planetary system, Has air bubble around it.  
Mars Telax Vaniae Earth Type 4200 141.208.000 Earth , Water(Ice) Cold, minimum atmosphere (once had civilization), Frozen ocean at poles, super volcano 25 miles high near equator, giant impact crater northern Hemisphere(both possible responsible loss atmosphere)  
Phobos - - Rock 12,6 Satellite Earth Exists since 1000 AC Rumors are this is a hollow artificial satelite(has Air inside)  
Deimos - - Rock 13,8 Satellite Earth Exists since 1000 AC Rumors are this is a hollow artificial satelite (has Air inside)  
Damocles Dimas Damocles Earth Type 6103 257.000.000 Earth Highly Evolved (Technological??)warring Emerondians, Pyrithians, Pachydermion & Mindflayer civilization...Exploded 1000AC  
Geografos - - Asteroid Belt Rock 63x25 257.000.000 Earth, , Water(Ice) Gravity Captured Rock From Begin Planetary system-home of the Pyrithians, Has air bubble around it.  
Ceres - Old Emerond? Asteroid Belt Rock 633 257.000.000 Earth, Air, Water(Ice) Gravity Captured Rock From Begin Planetary system-home of the Emerondians, Has air bubble around it.  
Adonis - - Asteroid Belt Rock 0,5 257.000.000 Earth, Water(Ice) Exists since 1000 AC chunck of Damocles, Has air bubble around it.  
Planetoids - Pyrithian Asteroids millions Asteroid Belt Rocks 1d100x1d6 yard 257.000.000 Earth, (Water(ice) mostly Gravity Captured Rock from begin Planetary system-home of the Pyrithians and Emerondians, tens of thousands additions in 1000-1005 AC by destruction Damocles. Some have air bubble around it.  
Jupiter Loth Tarastiae Gas Giant with core 89,009 483.080.000 Air Eternal Storms Central Core Gravity 2.7 times Mystara, suggested Core of debris/asteroids/Meteors and other within Diameter 300 miles. named after Tarastia,patron of justice (like the god Jupiter).Largest planetary atmosphere made of hydrogen, helium, small amounts methane, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and water.  
Ganymedes Ogre - Moon Type 3508 Satellite Earth/Water (Ice) Lots of Craters  
Callisto Troll - Earth Type 3239 Satellite Earth Lots of Craters, local captured atmosphere in craters  
Io Goblin - Earth Type 1889 Satellite Earth/Fire Highly Volcanic  
Europa Orc - Earth Type 2024 Satellit Water/Ice Frozen Ocean, deep within warm. suggested life below ice (RL too!!)  
Amalthea Kobold - Moon Type 1280 Satellite Earth Lots of Craters  
11 Rocks - - Rocks 121 to 350 yard Satellite Earth Exists since 1002 AC  
Ring of Debris - - Rocks 0.01x1d20yard Satellite Earth Exists Since 1002 AC  
Saturn Zoar Khoronis Gas Giant with core 74,584 886.266.000 Air Eternal Storms, named after Khoronus, patron of time (like the god Saturn)  
Titan Deth - Earth Type 3625 Satellite Earth Has Atmosphere, further Unknown. Nobody returned from here.  
Dione Melim - Moon Type 809 Satellite Earth Lots of Craters  
Tethys Mear - Moon Type 765 Satellite Earth Lots of Craters  
Mimas Mass - Moon Type 500 Satellite Earth Lots of Craters  
Enceladus Mob - Moon Type 2100 Satellite Earth/Fire Surface constantly renewed  
Rhea Mag - Moon Type 1754 Satellite Earth Lots of Craters  
Japetus Marc - Moon Type 945 Satellite Earth Lots of Craters  
13 Rocks - - Rocks 72 to 512 yard Satellite Earth Exists since 1005 AC  
Ring of Debris - - Rocks 0.01x1d20 yard Satellite Earth Exists Since 1005 AC  
- - Three Sisters Rocks 1st 223,2nd 412,3rd 187 920.000.000? Earth, Water(Ice) Gravity Captured Rock From Begin Planetary system. Revolve around eachother. Tavern in Space here, Has air bubble around it.  
Uranus Alith Helea/Ouranos Gas Type with core 32,180 1.781.822.000 Air Eternal Storms (Planet’s solid surface is 7210 miles diameter)  
Titania Titania - Earth Type 1709 Satellite Earth(+the others less dominant) Magical Planet (Titans live here)  
Oberon Oberon - Earth Type 899 Satellite Earth/Water(Others less dominant) Magical Planet, forest civilization  
13 Rocks - - Rocks 120 to 470 yard Satellite Earth Exists since 1009 AC  
Ring of Debris - - Rocks 0.001x1d20 yard Satellite Earth Exists since 1009 AC  
- - Big Rock Rock 1200?? Earth Gravity Captured Rock From Begin Planetary system, Has air bubble around it.  
Neptune Verdun Proteanis Gas Type with core 30,752 Air Eternal Storms, named after Protius, patron of the ocean (like the God Neptune).  
Triton Hot - Earth Type 4093 Satellite Earth Somehow radiates warmth form within  
Nereide Hel - Moon Type 1107 Satellite Earth Lots of Craters  
Ariel Haven - Moon Type 765 Satellite Earth Possible Interior civilization of Beholders  
- Chagas - Earth Type 5320 Earth, cold Destroyed in 1029 AC after Damocles debris collision  
Pluto Chagas Thanatoi Moon Type 737,6 3.663.976.000 Earth, Water(Ice) Was large Damocles section before, Exists since 1032 AC  
Charon - - Moon Type 753 Satellite Earth Exists since 1038 AC (was Chagas before)  
Oort Cloud Comet Belt - Rock 1.4x10 10,000,000,000+ Earth, Water(Ice)/Air, Belt additions in 1041-1124 AC  

Havard's names added to it.Ripvanwormer's tips added.
As The DotE suggest Spillworld being a seperate multiplanet location, I did not add these to the list, as they do NOT belong to the Mystara Planetary system.
The names in Color are Alphatian additions, more probably not known to other cultures but at best,Old Blackmoor and maybe Old Nimmur, Azca, Herath
After some thought I think the alphatians would initially use the most prominent Galactic names, thus the elvish names, and expand from their.
Their was no CM7 Elvish name for the to all former Mystarans obvious visible planet of Damocles, So I translated this (Dark Companion) in Elvish which became Dimas or Deimas.

I searched and found my old diskettes this succesfully kept copy of text about Mystara's Solar system from the Old TSR site. My personal opinions are added in blue

Gas type Celestial body . A massive planet. They are most commonly composed primarily of 'gas' (hydrogen and helium) or 'ices' (volatiles such as water, methane, and ammonia), but also have a much smaller core composed primarily of compressed rock and metals from impact sources. Regardless of their bulk compositions, giant planets normally have thick atmospheres of hydrogen and helium.
Earth Type celestial Bodies have an Atmosphere of some kind and are capable of sustaining some form of life, most have also some kind of access to Magic. Only a few are known to have life on it .This last section was probably base on Planet Knowledge in Real Lufe when this was written. Today scientists think most earth type bodies have a fair to large change on life. But as long this is not proven, low life is thought to be more available than animal, let alone sentient life
Moon Type celestial bodies do not have an Atmosphere capable of sustaining life, and most are devoid of any form of life. They are typically surface damaged by a multitude of craters. (these can have—often magical created or sustained) pockets of atmosphere in or under the surface.
Rock Typecelestial bodies , rarely have an Atmosphere of any kind and are mostly the result of some celestial body destroyed or belong to the comet belt, where remaining creation debris resides. They are always irregular of shape, often somewhat cylindrical or roughly ball -shaped. Those large enough will be damaged by craters. Some can have ruins of buildings on them, remaining of their former Planetarian origin.
Damocles, it's civilization’s technology bore a striking resemblance to original Blackmoor's, exploded, in 1000AC. A war with extra-terrestial Mindflayers is suggested. It's fragments formed the Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, while the several pieces shoot off and became new celestial bodies. The asteroid belt is meanwhile probven to be remnants of the creation of the planetary system, its total mass would supercede any existing material planet and even Neptune or Uranus in size. As this it can be best explained as Damocles sections and debris and dust were added to the Asteroid belt. The Three Sisters, Big Roc and Crown Rock are larger Rocks with their own orbit, also belonging to the same prime matter as the Asteroid belt and the Oort cloud
One gigantic piece or Damocles moon was hurled of towards the sun, vegetation completely burned away, it almost impacted within the sun. but it settled in a relative close orbit, becoming the closest celestial body of the solar system. It was named the Sol’s Sister during it’s fiery burning glow, which will slowly diminish in the upcoming centuries or millennia.
Another piece, first flew far out and crashed into Chagas, destroying it. With all the smaller and larger debris tagging along, it was caught in the gravitational pull of the sun, and finally took orbit. Charon (or better what remained of Chagas) fell to orbit around the gravitational pull of what became Pluto. Most of the other debris ended up in the comet belt or the asteroid belt.
Some pieces will fly around eternally and became Comets, until they will take impact on some celestial body. Other pieces become the gas giants' retrograde moons, or added themselves to the core and rings of debris of the four Gas giant planets.
Damocles’ destruction had great astrological influences during the Great Alphatian /Glantrian /Hulean /Thyatian war of 1005-1009AC, and one of the pieces crashed into Mystara, forming the Great Crater. Others caused great local destruction in areas they took impact in. Examples, Denagoth(this leads to my special adventure--when recovered and restored i'll post it), Bellisaria, Skothar.

When Damocles exploded, What would Mystarans think of this clearly visible phenomenon. Would it prophecy the Wrath of the Immortals, or other dark dangerous stuf, like an Apocalyps...if so in many towns and villagers doomssayers would have been available, conspiracies run wild and other things.

And then another thing; Damocles held an evolved civilization (of Mindflayers was said) which for some reason exploded. Suggested that they had an internal war, or external (Who??) or used some device/spell/technique even more destructive than the Blackmoor explosion in 3000BC..

The meteors falling down on Mystara (amongst others) and the astronomical changes will certainly have a great impact (literally and figurly speaking).

I must certainly dig up and restore my old adventure explaining some of this/based on this

RL Name CM7 D&D Name(Elven/Alphatian) Thyatian name (Havard) Blackmoor Name(Ripvanwormer) Nithian Milenian Nimmurian Herathian Hule/Sind Ochalean
Sun Sol The Sun The Sun Aten Helios Utu Shamash Surya Taiyō
Mercurius Sol's Sister Alphaksis Did not exist Did not exist Did not exist Enki Nabû Budha Suisei (water star)
Venus Mym Valeriae Phellia Ba’ah or Seba-djai Aphroditê Inanna Ishtar Sukra Kinsei(metal star)
Earth Mystara Mystara Terra Geb Gaia Ki šu-bur Prithvi the Vast One Chikyū
Moon Matera Matera Luna Aah or Iah Selenê Nanna Sin Chandra Tsuki
- - Crown Rock Rock - - - - - -
Mars Telax Vaniae Henrin/The Red Planet Heru-deshet Ares Gugulanna Nergal Mangala Kasei(Fire Star)
Damocles Dimas Damocles Hersh Mer Kekewey(Friend Dark) Skoúro fílo(Dark Friend) Asbu muš(Dark Snake) Ninurta(Slow Turtle) andhakAra sodaryA(Dark Sister) Meioosei(King of the Netherworld)
Planetoids - - - - - - - - -
Jupiter Loth Khoronis Odir Her-wepes-tawy Zeus Enlil Marduk Brhaspati Mokusei(Wood Star)
Saturn Zoar Proteanis Temrin/Thanatos Anubis Kronos Ninurta Ninurta Sani Dosei(Earth Star)
- - Three Sisters Rocks - - - - - -
Uranus Alith Helea/Ouranos Hak - - - - - Tennoosei(King of Heaven)
- - Big Rock Rock - - - - - -
Neptune Verdun Kaum Mwajin- - - - - - Kaioosei(King of the Sea)
- Chagas Thanatoi Hella - - - - - -
Oort Cloud Comet Belt - - - - - - - -

- ;this means unknown to that culture
The Nithians (like RL Egyptians) did not know of Saturn, but suggested it.
Current name (formerly unknown)

Added Ochalean names, and after deduction found names for Damocles (Translations in Brown
Inserted Missing name for Neptune and Pluto/Chagas as per Havard