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Potential Prestige Classes for Mystara

by Jamie Baty

I've started to put together a master list of potential prestige classes for Mystara. These are largely based on class options from OD&D, but their are a few flavor prestige classes (not explicitly mentioned in the source material). If you think something is missing, or have any comments, let me know!

Air Wizard
Azcan Eagle Knight
Azcan Jaguar Knight
Azcan Knight of the Winged Viper
Chosen of Kagyar
Darokinian Merchant
Dominion Ruler
Fire Wizard
Hin Master
Honorbound (OD&D Paladin)
Milenian Cleric of Zargos
Milenian Griffon Rider
Milenian Holy Defender of Petra
Milenian Mariner of Protius
Milenian Midwife of Matera
Milenian Red-Hair of Halav
Milenian Sorceror of Zargos
Minroth Merchant Prince
Mystaran Knight
Nithian Artificar of Ptahr
Nithian Child of Pflarr
Nithian Fang of Ravinorus
Nithian Flame-bearer of Rathanos
Nithian Horonii
Nithian Lockmaster
Nithian Mage-Scribe
Nithian Montoth
Nithian Runner
Nithian Seal-bearer
Nithian Templar
Nithian Thanaton
Nithian Thorn of Isiris
Northman Hero
Radiance Mage
Radiance Shaman
Shepard of Rad
Ylarai Dervish