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Potential Prestige Classes for Mystara

by Andrew Theisen

Gaz1: The Grand Duchy of Karameikos

Order of the Griffon

Gaz2: The Emirates of Ylaruam

These are all elite military orders of the Emirates, and based around the idea of the Myrmidons and military orders of the RW (such as the Knights Templar and Hospitalers). Not all of them may qualify for Prestige Class status, though the description of the orders seems to indicate that they are certainly not for amateurs (it mentions needing some combat experience et al). Further breakdowns as I remember them (don't have my Gaz in front of me atm):

Magian Fire-Worshipper

Order of the Arrow - Mounted archers.

Order of the Lance - Elite cavalry.

Order of the Mace - Clerics. The Hospitaler PrC from Complete Warrior would probably do for this one.

Order of the Pike - Elite Infantry. Polearm wielders (as might be guessed).

Order of the Spell Skirmisher - Mounted skirmishing magic-users.

Gaz3: The Principalities of Glantri


Brother of the Radiance




Note: This is the Necromancer from Gaz3, renamed to something IMO more fitting to what its powers were- powers over death *and* life. Also, the Necromancer name probably needs to change due to the Necromancy specialization available in 3e.

Fist of Khan - Specifically, the "Thousand Fists of Khan". An order of Ethengarian clerics who covertly roam the Principalities of Glantri trying to subvert the anti-clerical ways of the wizards. Song-Anh is their leader.

Note: This is just the Illusionist secret craft from Gaz3. With the introduction of Illusionist specialists and powers from AD&D, most of the PrC's powers became redundant, and it needs to be renamed. This PrC plays up its connections with the Nightmare Dimension over strict "illusion".


Gaz5: The Elves of Alfheim

Clan Treekeeper

Gaz6: The Dwarves of Rockhome

Clan Forgekeeper

Gaz7: The Northern Reaches

Ravenguard Berserker - The elite guard of the king of Ostland.

Gaz8: The Five Shires

Clan Blackflame Keeper

Hin Master

Gaz9: The Minrothad Guilds

Blue Eel - This is an organization of spies/assassins from Minrothad. A modification of the assassin PrC in the DMG would probably work.

Merchant Prince

Gaz11: The Republic of Darokin

Agent of the DDC

Darokin Guild Merchant

Gaz12: The Ethengar Khanates

Bratak - This is the name given to the "thieves" of Ethengar (who are more like spies). Probably not in and of itself a PrC, but there are at least two schools of Brataks mentioned (Gold and Silver Dragon), that two of the NPCs in the Golden Khan's retinue operate, so perhaps different schools could have PrCs? Note: Bratak itself may not constitute a PrC. Perhaps different schools of Brataks might (such as the Silver and Gold dragon schools represented in Gaz12)

Eye of Krondahar - These are Glantrian spies (from Krondahar) in the camp of the Golden Khan of Ethengar.

Keshak Horse Warrior - The elite guard of the Golden Khan. May not necessarily be a PrC in and of itself. I could see it either way.

Gaz13: The Shadow Elves

Both of these organizations are described as having prerequisites that would seem to indicate a PrC would not be out of the question.

Eye of the Serpent - Drawn from the Second Shadow (a PrC from a PrC?), these guys are far more espionage oriented than the Second Shadow. The SS are essentially the Delta Force, while these guys are CIA.

Second Shadow Scout - Scouts, as described. They are an elite and secretive organization, who have both military usage (scouting) as well as intelligence gathering abilities.

Minion of Atzanteotl
Note: This isn't actually grounded in the Gaz's, but I thought a Vile PrC would certainly fit NPCs like Xilochtli.

Dawn of the Emperors

Brother of the Grey Lady - The Brotherhood of the Grey Lady is a fighting order of Vanya. It may not be a PrC in and of itself, though.

Note: Not sure this should be a PrC. Depends on what the concept of the Forester is. Conceptually, it seems like its just a Ranger, but if one wants to play up the arcane magic/hunter aspect, it could very well be a PrC.

Hattian Storm Soldier

Knight of the Air

Retebius Skyrider - Not sure this one would qualify, either, as the Retebius Skyriders are described as hobbyists, rather than a strict organization. Something to consider, though, which is why I included it.

Sister of the Sword - Again, not necessarily a PrC, this is another of the Thyatian fighting orders dedicated to Vanya. This one is gender exclusive, though, as it only allows women.

Module DDA2: Arena of Thyatis

Order of the Sands - A gladiatorial organization. They are somewhat exclusive (and racist- they wouldn't allow a half-orc gladiator to join), and might represent a dedicated style of gladiatorial combat (I'm thinking a 3.5 revision of the Sword and Fist Gladiator PrC might fit this one).