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New clerical spells

by Geoff Gander

Level 2

Range: Touch.
Duration: 1 turn/level of caster
Effect: Makes one person immune to being surprised.

When cast, this spell bestows upon the recipient an aura of calm and certainty, such that he or she cannot be surprised while the effect lasts. This spell does not provide the recipient with any sort of "danger sense" or related ability; it merely prevents him or her from becoming stunned momentarily due to being ambushed or surprised. When cast upon an individual who has been stunned or otherwise temporarily incapacitated due to being surprised or failing a morale check (in the case of NPCs), that person will be able to act normally.

Steadfastness cannot counteract paralysis (such as that which results from a ghoul's touch), or similar effects achieved through poisons; nor can it nullify the effects of hold person or similar spells.

Level 3

Minor Ward of Guarding
Range: One object in the caster's possession.
Duration: Permanent
Effect: Places a minor ward on one item in the caster's possession.

This spell places a minor ward on any portable item in the caster's possession. When the item in question is touched or taken by any other person, it emits a minor electrical jolt of energy, doing 1d6 damage to the would-be thief (no saving throw). The item will shock the thief each round if he or she continues to hold on to the item. The item upon which this spell is cast sustains no damage from the ward. If the item's owner gives it willingly to another person, no shock is emitted while it is in the other person's possession. The caster may have only one warded item of this sort on his or her person at any given time. The ward is permanent until dispelled.

Level 4

Holy Sustenance
Range: 0' (caster only)
Duration: 1 day + 2 hours/level of caster
Effect: Temporarily eliminates the caster's need for food or drink.

When cast, this spell allows the cleric to sustain him- or herself with holy energy, obviating the need for food and/or drink for a period of one day, plus an additional hour per level. The cleric will be able to act and move normally, fight without penalties, and cast other spells, without suffering the effects of starvation and/or dehydration. This spell does not protect the caster from the effects of the elements; therefore, a cleric could survive for days in a desert without water, but the intense heat could still be deadly. No ill effects are suffered after the spell's duration ends, but this spell may not be cast more than three times in a single month (or 28 day period, whichever is shorter).

Level 5

Neutralise Pain
Range: 0' (caster only)
Duration: 1 hour/level of caster
Effect: Allows the caster to ignore all pain for the duration of the spell.

This spell allows the cleric to call upon his or her Immortal's protection, and ignore all pain (but not damage) for the spell's duration. As a result, the cleric, if he or she has suffered grievous injuries (from falling, fire, freezing, spells, or any other damage) will be able to carry out actions without suffering any penalties as a result of pain (although modifiers due to pain are often at the discretion of the DM). This spell therefore renders the cleric effectively immune to physical torture. Additionally, the cleric will be able to perform such minor (i.e., non-combat related) acts as grasping a red-hot brand, walking on a bed of coals, and pulling something out of a fire, without sustaining any damage or feeling any pain. Finally, any poisons or illnesses that cause pain (which could otherwise debilitate the victim) will not affect the cleric for the duration of the spell, although the cleric can still receive damage and/or other penalties (such as decreased attributes) from them, and could die as a result.

It should be noted that the cleric's possessions and clothing are not protected in this manner, and once the spell expires, any ignored pain (if it still exists) will become noticeable once more.