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Mystara: Red Dawn

by Håvard.

Not to be confused with the 1984/2010 movie of the same name, Mystara: Red Dawn is a campaign set in the near future of the Mystara setting. In this outline I have tried to emphasise on some of the central features of Mystara. Features which makes the setting different from other settings.

The Red Curse
In the Age of Red Dawn, the Red Curse has spread all over Mystara. While still predominantly affecting the inhabitants of the Savage Coast, individuals suffering from the curse may be encountered all over the world. Materials known as Cinnabryl and Red Steel are also becoming more widespread across Mystara’s surface.

The Hollow World
Alphatia is still a floating continent in the Hollow World. However, the Alphatians have found ways to break the rules of the Hollow World. First of all, they have been able to create air tunnels, allowing them, to fly their Air Ships through the Polar Gates. Thus Alphatia is once again meddling in the affairs of the Known World. On the other hand, Heldanners are still transporting their Warhawks into the Hollow World seeking to gain dominance over local peoples, though often faced with the difficulties the Spell of Preservation present against those ambitions. At the same time, the Thyatians have made an alliance with the Dragons of Ochalea, thus forming a third power to seek dominance in the air.

Preservation Storms
Through strange magical rituals, the Alphatians have also been able to manipulate the Spell of Preservation. Unfortunately, these manipulations cause severe side effects, known as Preservation Storms. These powerful storms alter reality as they rage across the Hollow World, and one better not be caught in such a storm.

Blacklore Devices
Upon finding the Blacklore Valley, the Alphatians discovered things they had not even dreamed of. The strange fusion of technology and magic in this valley has given the Alphatians new power. Through their manipulations of the Spell of Preservation, they have been able to retrieve some of the devices which normally will not work outside the valley. Powerful technology is once again finding its way into the lives of Mystarans and few heed those prophets who warn of a new Great Rain of Fire…

Fall of Oblivion
The magic drain from the Radiance during the Wrath of the Immortals also weakened the enchantment known as the Spell of Oblivion. This has enabled archaeologists to begin to piece together the secrets of ancient Nithia in the Known World. Unfortunately, some of those secrets were hidden for a reason…

Nightmare on Mystara
The race known as Diaboli have begun to spread on Mystara. So has other creatures from the Dimension of Nightmares. Some say the walls separating realities are beginning to fade. Others fear that these are the early stages of an invasion.

Chamber of the Stars
The Shadowelves have completed the Chamber of the Stars. This has given them access to new and powerful magics, including the power to ascend to Immortality. Will this be a power used for good or ill? And what role does the Wizard of Amber play in all of this?

Notes on the name: I used the name Red Dawn since it combines the term Red from Red Steel, Red Curse, etc and Dawn from Dawn of the Emperors and Isle of Dawn. Both words have a deep resonance with Mystara.