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Masters and commanders - Karameikos

by Jesper Andersen

Fyodorski (small galley, 3-7)
The captain of the Fyodorski is a young Traladaran officer named Grygory Kuzmavitch. Because of his age but mainly because of his lineage most of his mainly Thyatian crew has little or no respect for him. Some of the marines openly make racist remarks even when their captain is within earshot but he has failed to address the issue because he does not know how to handle it - a fact that has caused discipline to dwindle even further. Grygory only recently got his commission from Admiral Hyraksos, the Minister of War, and he desperately wants to prove himself worthy of it, but he could surely use some help.

Sergeiev (small galley, 3-7)
The Sergeiev suffers from a problem similar to the Fyodorski's. The captain of the Sergeiev is a Thyatian officer named Gunther Steinmanke who despises the Traladarans in his crew. Since he cannot kick them out his lieutenants secretly encourage the rest of the crew to pick on and terrorise the few unfortunate Traladaran crewmembers. They are always given the worst watches at night, the poorest sleeping hammocks and the least food. As a result, morale onboard is dropping rapidly.

Ilyana (small galley, 5-7)
The Ilyana is one of two ships from the Karameikan navy that use Vorloi as their base of operations instead of Specularum. The captain of the Ilyana, a Thyatian woman named Titia Nemelus is most displeased with this arrangement. She is dying to demonstrate her skill and submits her crew to constant drills. She often makes irrational and even foolhardy decisions such as to steer directly into a storm instead of heading for the coast - a thing which frightens and greatly upsets her crew. More than once she has taken both them and the ship to the very limit and beyond and while they have screamed in panic for Protius not to take them to a watery grave they have not yet mutinied against her. Truth be told, the day they face real danger, such as a pirate battle, they will be better prepared than almost any other crew in the navy. But for now they just wish their captain would relax a little and enjoy the quiet stationing in Vorloi.

Ivanovitch (small galley, 6-7)
The captain of the Ivanovitch is a young man named Varis Vorloi and he is the nephew of the Baron Philip Vorloi, who regards Varis as the son he should have had - instead of the imbecile son Grygori that he actually has. Varis is bright and brave - excellent officer material - and the baron got him a commission as the captain of the Ivanovitch as a favour from his old friend Admiral Hyraksos, the Minister of War, whom he helped build the Karameikan navy into what it is today. The Torenescu and the Radu families are very upset at the way Philip Vorloi uses this connection to have naval officers appointed who can help him protect his own merchant fleet and they have protested to both the minister and the duke.

Ecetarina (large galley, 7-6)
The captain of the Ecetarina is called Mikhail Daryov. For the past three years he has been an alcoholic ever since his wife died in childbirth and the child with her. His crew knows of his sorrow and the officers try to cover up his drinking problems as much as they can, figuring that he will eventually feel better.

Anyavitch (large galley, 7-6)
The captain of the Anyavitch is a Thyatian named Alexander Valerius. He is extremely competent but also cold-heated, ambitious and somewhat ruthless. Most observers at court speculate that he is trying to manoeuvre himself into a position to take over once Vice Admiral Claudius is gone. Two years ago he married into a wealthy and respected merchant family in Specularum and his wife has arranged several receptions and parties since then where Alexander has tried to impress the ministers and nobility. It irritates Alexander that Claudius has delayed his retirement and he really wishes the old fool would just lie down and die... but he would never dare openly say so.

Dmitriov (war galley, 10-6)
The Dmitriov is the flagship and pride of the Karameikan navy. She is an impressive three-deck war galley equipped with the latest weapons such as ballistae and Greek fire catapults. Her crew is the pride of the 3rd Division and their captain and commander is Vice Admiral Claudius Caliberus, second-in-command to Admiral Hyraksos. Old Claudius is looking to retire next year and at court lots of people are talking about who is going to be appointed the new Vice Admiral. Admiral Hyraksos is still looking for a candidate to take over his place and has asked Claudius to remain until then, to which the old Vice Admiral has agreed.

Yakovski (small sailing ship, 4-7)
The Yakovski is the other ship stationed in Vorloi. Her captain, a fat man named Ivan Iranov, is very satisfied with this arrangement. He takes the ship up and down the coast on routine patrols and sometimes escorts Baron Vorloi's ships to the Minrothad Guilds or Thyatis but most of the time he stays in the harbour eating and relaxing.

Stefanov (small sailing ship, 4-7)
The captain of the Stefanov is a man named Milard Bray originally from Darokin. Ever since he was a kid he wanted to join the navy and circumstances made it the Karameikan one instead of the one in Darokin. He is a seasoned veteran who prefers a rolling deck beneath his feet to a steady floor any day. He is missing his left ear, which a pirate cut off him in a battle at sea.

Irenescu (small sailing ship, 4-7)
The Irenescu is one of the smallest ships in the entire navy and does little else than patrol the bay between Sulescu, Vorloi and Specularum, keeping an eye out for smugglers and pirates. The captain, an unimpressive fellow named Sergei Magdatrov, has so far escaped the admiralty's attention and Sergei prefers it that way. His true employer is the Radu family and the Veiled Society. In fact, the entire crew of the Irenescu belong to the brutal guild and use their naval status as a cover to assist in smuggling illegal goods into and out of Specularum, which they load to or from other ships once they are at sea far from the coast.

Tatiana (large sailing ship, 5-6)
The captain of the Tatiana is an elf named Thallaric Cloudeye. He is unusual in that not only is he the only elven officer in the Karameikan navy but he also has an astonishing record for the number of pirate vessels that he and his crew has fought and captured or killed. Observers in Specularum are speculating whether the elf is ambitious and striving for a landed lordship or whether he is just dedicated to his duty.