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B10 Idea/Mod for Misha's Ferry

by Francois Beauchemin

*spoilers for players*
Hi everyone, wanted to share my version of the Battle at Misha's ferry. My modifications :

I was wondering why a Druid would be operating a simple ferry.. so an idea came to me that she would use her powers to control a giant catfish to operate the ferry (which is basically a very big raft here)

So going with that (i've removed the chain across the river)
-the Reaver waits for the PC's to disembark before lauching his attack
-the Hounds (bownmen and boarders) on the south shore wait for the attack on the boat starts
-the Reaver did not kill, but kidnapped Misha the druid and forces her to control the catfish to circle and push the boat towards the shore
-two bowmen shoot arrows at the party, while the rest fire at the boat
-eight Hounds go for the party, while the rest wade in the river going for the boat
-the captain and boatmen hide behind the gunwales while arrows come down and the catfish knocks oars out of the water or rams the boat shaking everyone inside
-if the arrows stop coming, the Thief Reaver reveals himself and tries to assasinate the captain
-add a sprinkle of Player Characters, and heat a battle until the "flavors" are resolved
-smell that nice D&D scent of battle smile emoticon

My group went through it last friday and where able to
-Entangle most of the archers and boarders going for the boat
-Sleep spell fell half the Boarders going for them, the other half slaughtered by the Fighters in the group
-a Hold Person spell, though missing Misha, held the Reaver enough for Misha to escape the other Boarders with the Reaver
-the Thief, with no support for the catfish or Boarders, tried to go for the captain but was overpowered by him and his crew

Wanting to go to the north shore and finish off the slavers, they where stumped that the ferry was not controled by ropes, was already on the north shore and without any normal means of propulsion ferry usually have.

I love these parts where i lay a puzzle, not knowing exactly what solution would work and just let my players hash out their ideas mixing spells and normal physics to achieve their goal

I did have Misha reappear after a while and show them how she coaxed the catfish to push the raft back to her cabin.. while leaving the heads of the last two Boarders in the river as an offereing.

Now they have free passages on Misha's Ferry, and the druid of our group found a new Master to learn from when he levels