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Companions of the Shell -- Adventure Hooks (Shrine of Mother Ocean)

by Tristan Dunigan

The Shrine of Mother Ocean

The Shamans of Mother Ocean have gained the ability to contact the souls of those lost at sea, for the purpose of a last contact between grieving family members and the deceased. In order to accomplish this feat, the shamans make use of a holy shrine. Tortle shamans found the entrance to the shrine in a cave, under an old Tortle burial site. The holy shrine is located in a sprawling city once created by Tortles thousands of years ago. The city now lies deep under the sands beneath the Free City of Dunwick, partially opening under the sea's surface. Snappers, however, have claimed this dark and flooded undercity for themselves, and fiercely guard it against all trespassers. Should the Snappers discover the way up to Dunwick, the free city would then be at risk of invasion!

The trip to the shrine is a dangerous one because of the Shappers. Unbeknownst to the Shamans however, another threat has come to the Shrine; Adventurers managed to slip through and discovered a vast wealth of pearls, corals, and ivory once used in the decoration of the ancient Tortle city. Worse yet, they found countless items of pottery made from bits of steelseed glued together. The shamans consider this, and all that lies in the city as priceless artifacts. A few rulers of the Savage Coast got wind of the discovery and quietly sent emissaries, spies, hired swords, grave robbers, and just about anybody they could think of to get a share of the booty, one way or another.

As a result of these events, the Shamans have requested that the Company of the Shell do something to protect the Shrine and rid it of the Snappers. In addition, the Company has been asked to guard it against foreign powers who are bent on taking its treasures for themselves by discovering which nations are hiring the "grave- robbers" and putting an end to it.