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The Plane of Muspelheim

by Håvard

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Continuing the series exploring the Outer Planes outlined in Gaz7 The Northern Reaches, the time has now come to take a look at Muspelheim as it exists within the cosmology of BECMI and Mystara.

This is the ancestral home plane of Mystara's Fire Giants.

Planar Statistics

Geographical Features
This plane is the size and shape of a single planet. The surface is covered in ash, petrified trees, rock, volcanoes and rivers of lava. The air is filled with smoke and poisonous fumes. Many of the planes settlements can be found underground. Here, enornous caverns are connected by a series of tunnels and underground lava streams. Many fortresses and castles are found underground constructed by rock and metal. While different groups of Fire Giants have mastered varying levels of technology, some settlements show the use of gigantic machinery, mechanisms powering massive chains used to open and close doors, power elevators etc. Forges are common as Fire Giants love practising their crafts.

This massive mountain is the most characteristic feature of Muspelheim. It is from this mountain, the Fire Giants took their name from. On top of this mountain you find the castle of the patron of Fire Giants, the Immortal known to the men of Blackmoor as Zugzul, to the followers of Al-Kalim as Corona and to Fire Giants as Surtr.

These ruined towers once the home of Flaem refugees as they fled the destruction of Alphatia. The towers have since been abandoned. Fire Giants fear going there as the Flaem may have left magical traps behind.

These lands are covered in thick ash. Ashcrawlers and great worm-like creatures make their home here.

This is a huge sea of lava. Some Fire Giants are able to create ships that sail across this sea.

Although Fire Giants are the dominant race here, many other Giants can also be encountered on this plane, including Great Giants (Jotuns), Mountain Giants and Hill Giants. Many Hephaestons can be found working in the forges of this plane. Fire Cyclopses and Fire Trolls are also amoun the denizens of this plane.

Efreeti, Fire Elementals and other natives from the Plane of Fire can often be found here.

Dwarves from Swergheim as well as some surviving Fire Dwarves can be found on this plane.

Many powerful Red dragons can be found here as can some Ruby Dragons.


Some monsters commonly found here are Hellhounds, Gargoyles, Iron Gargoyles, Efreeti, Fire Elementals, and many others.

Kingdoms and Nations

This is the home of a clan of Fire Giants who were active on Mystara some time before the Blackmoor Era. More details here.

Logisborg is home of Logi (Sometimes called Halogi), a powerful Great Giant and his clan. Logi married the Fire Giantess Glod. Together with their adult daughters, Eisa and Eimyrja, they rule a clan of Fire Giants. Logi has also visited the Viking realm of Halogaland on LaTerre where he is considered the ancestor of a royal bloodline.

Gates to Elsewhere
Gates lead to:

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