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Mystical Orders in Mystara

by Håvard

I have the following orders/types of Mystics:

Lhamsa (Glantri)
-Jashpudhanas (Kadesh Mountains)
Dunwick (Tortles and others)
Shajapur (Hollow World)
Myoshima (Rakasta)

What I am hoping to do is explore some greater cosmology to connect the Mystics to. I agree that a singular cosmology might be too constructive, but perhaps there could be a kind of framework that could make room for all the different types of Mystics while at the same time suggest what kind of greater conflicts or alliances the Mystics could become involved with at higher levels.

For instance, the Grey Philopophers from the Creature Catalog is said to be formed by an evil Cleric, but I could also see that a fallen Mystic could become a Grey Philosopher.

There are also the Immortal Set creatures called Notions (Gold box) which could be tied to different Mystical Orders, even though mortals would rarely interract with such creatures.

I wonder if there could also be a kind of World Wide Tournament for Mystics where supernatural forces are observing the demonstration of skill (Thank you Night Druid). Maybe not quite on the cheesy level of Mortal Kombat, but I rather like the idea of of Mystics travelling across the world to learn from eachother.