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Mealiden's Trees of Life

by Federico Kaftal

I read DM's notes and I propose the following:

1. The Verdier (Minrothad) clan split from the Vyalias of Traldar (Karameikos), who NEVER had a ToL of their own. Gaz1 describes the Vyalia as "not related" to Callarii, therefore the Vyalia were not part of Mealiden's migration. They were instead the true brother-clan of the Meditor.

2. The Greenheight clan parted, like the Verdier, from the "original" Traldar Vyalias and were still a single clan when Mealiden first arrived in what now we call Thyatis. Then, they must have helped and protected Mealiden's clans from belligerent humans (even though not enough to convince Mealiden to settling in Thyatis); therefore they received a "gift": one of Mealiden's two spare ToL seeds, which Ilsundal had created for him in excess, in case one of the seven clan ToLs should die (see later why I count *seven* clans). Mealiden couldn't offer live trees or tree branches, because the ToLs hadn't yet grown up. Therefore he MUST have given away one of the original seeds.

3. The Thyatis Greenheights (no longer in touch with the more secluded Traldar Vyalia) later divided in six clans (Blueleaves, Diamaraks, Hierydyls, Greenheights, Treeshields and Etherdyls). The original ToL is still with the leading clan (The Greenheights), the other clans got branches taken from it.

4. The Savage Coast elves and the Belcadiz (Glantri) never had ToLs.

5. The Erewan clan (Glantri) may have a branch born of the Erendyl ToL.

6. The Feadiel (Alfheim) clan has a branch born of the original Sylvan Realm mother ToL of Ilsundal, as stated in Gaz5 and CM7.

7. The original 7 tribes following Mealiden were: Mealidil, Long Run, Erendyl, Grunalf, Chossum, Shiye-Lawr, Callarii. Note that, according to Gaz5, the Mealidil gave later birth in Alfheim to another clan, the Red Arrow; they were originally a single tribe whose leader was Mealiden himself: this is why the Red Arrow clan had the exceptional privilege to receive a separate ToL of its own (the last of the two spare seeds was therefore used).

8. The Shiye-Lawr migrated eastwards and settled first on the IoD: the True Flower family kept the ToL (as per M5 Talons of Night), while the rest of the clan converted to Eiryndul and moved on to settle in Alphatia.

Therefore I resume where the 10 ToLs are now: 1 (Ilsundal's) in the Sylvan Realm (if not dead as per CM7), 6 in Alfheim (or 3 in Wendar, 3 in Karameikos after WotI's events), 1 in Karameikos (Callarii), 1 in Thyatis (Greenheight), 1 in IoD (True Flower).