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Thoughts on Myiad

by Geoff Gander

The [INSERT NAME HERE] Peninsula is part of the Imperial Domain; although the people who live here often feel they have little in common with the self-important bureaucrats and other assorted functionaries of Calimnis. To the locals, the world might as well end at Pergamnos - which is ironic because that was the village that was whisked to the Hollow World in the first place.

This is a region of fishermen and farmers, where times moves slowly - even by Hollow World standards. It's also a place blessed by gentle breezes and sandy beaches (not visible at this scale), and many a powerful politician dreams of settling here to while away a peaceful retirement. The locals resent such "outsiders", but they accept their money readily enough.

The main settlement of note here is the town of Myiad, which is perched near the tip of the peninsula. Locals say this is because the townsfolk want to get as far away from the capital as possible without getting wet. Aside from being the major commercial centre, Myiad is also where the Imperial Guild of Philosophers and Scholars is located, and on any given day masters and students can be heard arguing just about anything in the main square outside the building. The most renowned scholar in town (and arguably the empire), Gallos the Aged, occasionally gives public lectures on whatever happens to interest him - this may not be of interest to others, but his discourses are informative and thorough, if nothing else.