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Thoughts on Mykonos

by Geoff Gander

I had a few ideas for this place, mostly covered in the linked post in the article. This was my take on one of the consequences of Kasteliosí becoming aware of the Known World and wanting to forge ties of its own - namely, that some people would try to turn this to their advantage. Kastelios might be ambitious, but itís still a small city-state and (in this case at least) is punching above its weight by trying to establish a trading outpost so far outside its sphere of influence.

What will happen? Will the Kastelians find out what Adonai is really up to? How extensive is the corruption? Do other powers become involved and try to take the place over? Whichever way you choose to take this storyline, there are clear leading roles for player characters.

One outcome of this is that an adventuring party might clean up Mykonos, and find themselves running it as a dominion. That opens a whole other range of adventures...