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in a veritable Myoshima frenzy, I'm opening yet another thread, to show you the map I've drawn, based in part on Arcanda's previous map (I've tinkered heavily with the distances, though, to have it conform to the surface proposed in the Patera Project).

Map of Mysohima

by Giampaolo Agosta

It's 24 miles/hex, so I couldn't put too much detail:

Now, what's on the map:

Cities: apart from the capitol, Mara (a veritable metropolis, on par with Thyatis), we've got 3 (much smaller) imperial cities:

The towns marked on the map are the provincial capitols of the thirteen largest provinces. There are 20-odd smaller province, but it's impossible to mark them all (also, I haven't designed or even named most of those yet).