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Tentative ideas for PC races in Myoshima (and Patera in general)

by Giampaolo Agosta

Rakasta subraces
We have the Domestic (civilised, more peaceful), Alley Rakasta (standard breeds), Sherkasta and Cloud Pardasta (Rajahstan?, Surabayang), Black Pardasta (Rajahstan) and Mountain Rakasta (barbarians) breeds.

These Domestic types may appear, especially in Selimpore and Kompor-Thap:

Here is a breakdown of the other major races of Patera.

Elephant   Kompor-Thap 650.000
Sindhi   Rajahstan 100.000
Baku (Holy, Good)   Myoshima 100.000
Maelephant   anywhere 150.000
Naga   Rajahstan  
Monkey Folk
Vanara Vanara Rajahstan CG monkey-like humanoids, about 4'6" to 5' tall, with short, light brown fur
Ourang Neshezu Surabayang, Malacayog  
Hibagon Sasquatch Myoshima  
Kangmi Sasquatch Kompor-Thap  
Tengu Gyerans Myoshima advanced variant; darker colour, powerful magical abilities
Tsuchigumo Aranea Myoshima only Rakasta-shaped
Ursine (bear-like creatures)
Panda Ursine Myoshima, Kompor-Thap  
Metoh Ursine Kompor-Thap  

Fey races (a single fairy court):

Sidhe (Rakasta-looking, but also other types)
Pooka (Tanuki -- raccoon dog, Nekomata -- cat)
Brownie (Zashiki-warashi)
Drake (able to assume the shape of a Rakasta)

Total population

Naga 100.000  
Monkey Folk 170.000  
Aranea 30.000  
Tengu 100.000  
Ursine 200.000  
TOTAL 600.000  
Rakasta 2.700.000 Myoshima
  1.530.000 Rajahstan
  370.000 others
TOTAL 4.600.000  
Pachydermion 1.100.000  

Here is an attempt at giving a population breakdown for Patera, based on Andrew's work (though with several changes to take into account new races).

Myoshima 3.000.000  
    1.500.000 Alley Rakasta
    1.000.000 Domestic Rakasta
    200.000 Mountain Rakasta
    100.000 Tengu Gyerans
    10.000 Aranea
    100.000 Baku Pachydermions
    30.000 Maelephant Pachydermions
    70.000 Elephant Pachydermions
    80.000 Panda Ursines
    10.000 Hibagon Sasquatch
Rajahstan 2.000.000  
    400.000 Sherkasta
    530.000 Domestic Rakasta
    580.000 Alley Rakasta
    20.000 Black Pardasta
    50.000 Naga
    100.000 Sindhi Pachydermions
    200.000 Elephant Pachydermions
    50.000 Maelephant Pachydermions
    50.000 Vanara
    20.000 Aranea
Selimpore 50.000  
    20.000 Domestic Rakasta
    30.000 Alley Rakasta
Surabayang 200.000  
    40.000 Cloud Pardasta
    60.000 Sherkasta
    60.000 Alley Rakasta
    40.000 Neshezues
Malacayog 80.000  
    60.000 Sherkasta
    20.000 Neshezues
Kompor-Thap 450.000  
    280.000 Elephant Pachydermions
    20.000 Maelephant Pachydermions
    50.000 Domestic Rakasta
    50.000 White Sherkasta
    40.000 Ursines
    10.000 Kangmi
Minor nations 320.000 (divided into a half dozen nations)
    100.000 Elephant Pachydermions
    50.000 Rakasta
    50.000 Naga
    40.000 Monkey Folk
    80.000 Ursine