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Mystara AC 1030 - First Year of the Orc Wars

by Håvard

This is something I have been working on for a while. Based on the timeline event saying that in the year AC 1030, Thyatis and Darokin join forces against the Broken Lands or something to that effect.

Ylaruam - Conquered by Thyatis. Desert Garden is in effect and their culture is slowly dying. Some faithful followers of al-Kalim have resettled in the Sind Desert.

Ethengar - The lands south of the Streel River are now part of the new Great Orclands. The lands north of the River are controlled by the Heldannic Knights. The Ethengars themselves have resettled north west of Glantri. One day they will return. The World Mountain has turned into a gateway to the Nightmare Dimension.

Alfheim - The elves of King Doriath have resettled in the lands south of the Atruaghin Plateau.

Aengmor/Alfheim - The Canolbarth forest has now been lost to both races of elves and become part of the Greater Orclands that now dominate the central parts of the Known World.


Thyatis - has conquered Ylaruam and Minrothad. The Empire is once again on the rise. They are now ready to attack the Greater Orclands, an event which will bring the entire Known World into war.

Heldann - Has expanded into the northern parts of Ethengar. The Black Eagle has gained power within the ranks of the Order.

Broken Lands - Has become the Greater Orclands, covering southern Ethengar, the Broken Lands, Canolbarth and parts of Darokin.

Glantri - Still a centre of magic. The Radiance now drains wizards directly rather than tapping into magic itself. Bargle has taken control over the Principality of the Crater.

Karameikos - King Valen's Karameikos has seen the unification of the two religions under the Reformed Church of Karameikos, whose new leader is Aleena Halaran, now in her 50s. The School of Magecraft has become a place of darkness, as has once again the Barony of Halag, under Prince Justin's rule.

Darokin - War torn and more militant than in its past. Has lost large areas to the Greater Orclands and has become separated from the now independent Principality of Selenica.