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AC1050 Mystaran Campaign

by Sean Meaney

It has been thirty years since the Great Quake of AC1020. Much of Glantri, Darokin, Alfhiem, Broken Lands and even Rockhome suffered at the destruction of the Nucleus of the Spheres by Synn the Night Dragon. Magic - once considered a pillar of Civilization has been felled like a tree before the axeman.

New Races
The changes unleashed across the known world have spawned new peoples.

Changes to the Dwarves
The Great Quake shattered Kaygar's Pillar causing a fifty billion ton block of Mount Everast to crush upper and lower Dengar. Consequently Many clans lost their Forges of Power (only the two clans whose forge of power were located in Stahl and Smaggefest survived the Loss with just their leadership taken out (they are farmers and Artisans) -The Hurwarf were obliterated to the last isolationist Dwarf and their forge). The Everast (the last few hundred Dwarves) migrated to the city of Kelvin becoming a Ghetto Dwelling artisan-class whose soul seems broken by the loss. The surviving clans - bereft of their forges have begun looking at following the Everast out into the World. The Wyrwarf hire out as mercenaries to the Thyatians.

The Thyatian Expansion
The Empire saw opportunity when the duts settled in AC1020. They invaded Eastern Darokin claiming what was left of the forest of Aengmor and Selenica and are looking to pick up the Ports of Athenos and Tenobar that now service a freehold where the Malpeggi swamp - drained and drying up because the Rivers that fed it were cut off has begun to grow.

The Ruination
These Subsided lands and the border Lands that surround them and occupy the maze of routes through their extensive subsidence teem with isolated communities and ruins that decades ago were prosperous. THough Much of the Humanoid races are extinct - the bottom of the subsidence is home to Trolls who have recovered and flourished in the loss of all other humanoids.

The Return of Magic
Deep in the Warrens beneath Ardelphia is the Forgotton City of Pu - City of Decay. Here at its heart amongst its ruins and the horrors that dwell there is the Monastary of Pain where ten thousand Bone Scrolls are housed. The Destruction unleashed by Synn has unlocked its gates.

A Madman carrying a scroll of Bone emerges from the Wilderness. It is an Artefact of forgotton age of Immortality with the singular power - to allow a wizard to memorize a first level spell. He whispers of a ruin beneath Ardelphia where thousands of scrolls lie in wait for any mage looking to reclaim his or her magic.

Bone Scroll of the First Tier

Power: Memorize 1 spell level (10pt); recharge 2 turns allowing a wizard capable of memorizing 9 1st level spells to do so in a three hour meditation period.
Handicap: Sentient - The Scroll is an Immortal of Enthropy (as are the other 9,999 scrolls) and will take control of the PC if he/she uses the scroll to memorize 9 first level spells in a single day - implying that the Wizard is a wizard of great rank - taking control for 4d6 days.
Penalties: Every time a spell is memorized using the scroll of bonethere is a 1% chance the Wizard's Hands begin to rot from some unknown flesh rotting disease that can only be cured with a wish - or they will fall off after 10 days.