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Mystara AC 1200

by Jamie Baty

So far, most of the conversion threads have assumed that the Mystara timeline would be in the Gaz, WotI, or Almanac era. What if the conversion pushed forward a large amount of time? What changes would occur? Some of my thoughts:

- Alphatia resurrected: Eriadna achieves immortality by returning Alphatia to the surface world. NACE is dissolved and many of its leaders are exiled or executed. Alphatia maintains colonies in HW, and has found magical ways to travel back and forth (Eriadna's work significantly weakened the Spell of Preservation). These are kept in total secrecy to prevent Glantri, and Thyatis from exerting a large influence.

-Ierendi: Plagued by Hulean pirates and corsairs, Ierendi is forced to a stronger, more centralised government- constitutional monarchy (?). The navy is redeveloped and turned into the premier fleet in Mystara. This could be similar to the 18th cent British West Indies. This is related to what James Mishler wanted to do with HackWurld Ierendi.

-Norwold: Achieves true independence from Alphatia and Thyatis. Still has extensive wildlands, but settled areas are now well-developed. Major patron of the reformed Heldannic Knights.

- Heldannic Knights: After being expelled from the Freeholds, they reform into a large, worldwide sect devoted to Vanya. In return for land and support, they establish frontier garrisons to defend borderland settlements and to protect against monster/humanoid encroachments. Occasionally have undertaken massive military operations against humanoid tribes. Most notably, Darokinian garrisons have led several punitive raids into the Great Crater and Broken Lands. The order has begun to prepare for conflict with Hule.

-Hule: Hule strengthened its hold on Sind and taps Sind's vast source of manpower to become a great threat to the Known World. Hulean corsairs plague Ierendi, Minrothad, and the coasts of Karameikos and Thyatis. The Atruaghin Plateau was next to fall to the Huleans, leaving the path to Darokin unblocked. Currently, there is a non-aggression pact between Darokin and Hule, but it is only time before Hule strikes.

-Atruaghin Clans: Quickly fell to the combined forces of Hule and Sind. Atruaghin placed the survivors in Hollow World and destroyed the connection between the plateau and Hollow World.

-Aengmor/Alfheim: Followers of Rafiel invite the Alfheim elves back to save the forest. Through combined efforts, they succeed and an accord is reached to live together. The Followers of Atzanteotl revolt and a civil war ensues. The followers of Atzanteotl are pushed back into the old shadowelf territories, but continue to wage a relentless guerrilla war against the followers of Rafiel and the surface elves.

Anyway, a few ideas to get the ball rolling. What are some of yours?

by happylarry

Norwold - some kind of ancient secret is discovered - a lost empire which tapped into tremendous power and was tied into the landscape - developing threads from CM1 and CM3 - but which is also one of the reasons why Norwold hasn't been settled in the same way as other lands.

Haven't got so very far with this - but the 'ancient environmental magic secret' might have something to do with the Landsplit river - and unlocking it's power might lead to increasing the temperature of the river- with all the knock on effects there.

By 1200 there could be a full scale 'land grab' under way by those - excluding Alphatia?' - who have discovered something about ancient Norwold.

by David Tauriainen

Savage Coast: Korotiku manoeuvres the prominent culture of the Sphere of Thought in Ciudad Real to extend the Treaty of Tampicos, which Hule violated in <insert year here> and Narvaez joined when Hule absorbed the Terra Vermelha and more lands north of the Baronies. Now, the Savage Baronies (or Los Guardianos), joined as independent states in a federation, are known as the United Nations of Brun. Each barony is a feudal monarchical structure, but Almarrón (surprisingly) suggests a democratic structure for the federation.
Joining them directly are the Gnollish Barony of Tordegena (El Grande Carrascal), and the Orcish Baronies of Dankut and Kutai (Led by mortal identities of Karaash, who agreed to go to war for Korotiku. Diulanna [his sponsor] requested that Karaash lead the Gnolls away from Ranivorus as a stroke against her foe). Also, Odin, Thor and Diulanna promise the might of Eusdria and Robrenn, and Yehm (Korotiku) persuades Herath to act behind the scenes magically. Renardy and Bellayne, while too distant physically, are being considered for application into the UNB.
The Confederated City States remained neutral during the war that formed the UNB, but have now sided with Hule since the UNB controls the Gulf of Hule with an iron fist.

Broken Lands:
Some of the northern most bad magic points from long ago elf magic are converted back, and the Clan of Ellerovyn leave Glantri to take back this ancient elven land. (Broken Lands humanoids just move a little south and expand into the Canolbarth Desert).