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Mystara 3000 AC

by Sverre Midthjell

- The level of technology in the world has increased a lot (2000 years of development). Some cultures on Mystara are now almost as developed as our world of today. This is basically true of the nations of Brun.

- As technology slowly replaces magic, the art of spellcasting is gradually forgotten. This leads to mages in the known world being nothing but legends. Also, the teachings of al-Kalim have spread widely through the civilized world. After the irrigation of Ylaruam through technology in AC 2450, the Ayatollah of al-Kalim declared traditional magic as evil, resulting in an inquisition in the nations that were in the grasp of that religion ( mainly Thyatis, Darokin, Karameikos, Ylaruam and the Northern reaches.). Since that, mages in those countries remain in hiding.

- The 'believing' nations of the world, have united into a great democratic state called The Confederated states of The Sea of Light, the Confederacy for short (the sea of light is a new name for the sea of dread). This includes the previously named states in addition to the former Thyatian colonies, which include the Isle of Dawn (excluding Thothia) in addition to most of Northern Davania. This republic is the staging area for conflicts between a number of great powers, the most feared of them being the great church of al-Kalim (something like an extreme version of the Catholic church of the dark ages), which tries to exercise control of the populations thoughts and morality.

- The human race has grown to become the single dominant race. In most nations, this has led to demihumans being oppressed terribly. This is especially true of the Confederacy, despite the laws of the country claiming that all sentient beings are supposed to be treated as equals.

- Great racial tensions have been the cause of many wars and civil wars through time, and the Immortals supporting the Hollow world have transported representatives from many nations threatened by extinction to the Hollow World.

- The technological development has posed a great problem for the Immortals trying to save the Hollow World. The spell of preservation has been strengthened considerably, and the World-Shield has been developed into a barrier unsurpassable also by technological means. It's got the effect of a constant EMP-blast, destroying any electronic device brought within. This has made the now technology-dependent nations unable to breach it, and has led to many accidents with lethal outcomes. In addition the polar gates have been protected by a great illusion, making them look like endless Ice Flats from above the atmosphere. This was created by the Immortal Ka with allies anticipating the development of space travel.

- The Hollow World itself has been shielded from the same technological development of the Outside World through the Spell of Preservation. Alphatia has evolved into a kind of superpower here, dominating most of it, but have found it impossible to assimilate other cultures. For the last few hundred years, they have reverted to a position of overseers and protectors of the other nations, respecting their cultural identities. This has led to peace and prosperity for most nations.

- In AC 1800, the Immortals saw a possible problem with bringing to technologically advanced cultures into the Hollow World. This resulted in the creation of a second world, modelled after the original Mystara, but being solid, not Hollow. This world was created on it's own demiplane, closely connected to the elemental planes. This still seems like a good solution since dimensional travel now is all but forgotten.

- My plans were for a group of PCs consisting of mages of some secret order, being prosecuted in their homeland. They would eventually discover the Hollow World, but decide to keep it a secret to protect it from the expansionism of the Outer World Nations. Through the course of the campaign they would probably become some of the most powerful mages on the Outer World since they would have the opportunity to study with the mages of Alphatia. Maybe they would even start their own plot to gain influence in the world, an work for the eventual downfall of the church of al-Kalim.

Many interesting stories could also arise from the wars between the Confederacy and the extremely militaristic superpower in the west, the 5th Hulean empire. The master - the Mystaran Hitler? I don't think I want nuclear power in the campaign. This is something the Immortals have done their best to prevent, still remembering Blackmoor. Of course, many things could happen in the secret labs below the Temple of Darkness....... (another story hook?)


I don't know what you guys think of my ideas. I think I would have to make some great adaptations to the D&D system to accommodate such things as automatic rifles and modern technology, but I imagine it's doable. If any of you have any input or other ideas for a high-tech Mystara campaign, I'd appreciate it.