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Adapting old D&D Advert Comic to Mystara

by Håvard

I just came across a blog article collecting old adverts for Classic D&D in the form of a comic book story. The art for at least some of the later panels was drawn by Bill Willingham, more known for the award winning Fables graphic novels these days.

The early panels have references to the old Holmes D&D editon, with a reference to Zenopus, but the later ads refer to the Basic and Expert Rules D&D (Moldvay/Cook or Mentzer).

I was thinking of ways to adapt this story to a Mystara location.

Some details:

• Grimslade the Magic-User
• Indel the Elf
• Valerius The Fighter
• Saren the Cleric

• Grindal: Grimslade’s Mentor
• Oakthorne: Shapeshifter. (Druid?)
• Mekron(?)

• Shambling Mount
• Green Slime
• Goblin
• Red Dragon
• Black Dragon
• Werewolf

• Zenopus Castle
• Dungeons of Zenopus’ Castle
• Gavin’s Inn
• Black Swamp of Lobella
• The Dark Forest
• The Mountains of Ash
• Ancient Castle

Magic Items:
• Heart of Mekron (Medallion)
• The Great Sword Naril
• Scroll of Dimension Door

Of course, the original Castle Zenopus could be a reference to the Tower of Zenopus from the Holmes Rulebook. Possibly, the Wizard Zenopus had a Castle in addtion to the Tower?