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Mystara Diseases & Afflictions

by Håvard

Below are the diseases I have found that could exist on Mystara. Do you know of others?

Mummy Rot See also advanced Leprosy below RC p 195, TM1
Lycanthropy Many different strains exist. Clerics must be of 11th level or higher to cure. RC p 191, TM1
Green Slime Affliction (Slimy Doom) Caused from contact with Green Slime RC p 181
Blindness sometimes caused by Light or Continual Light spells. Cured by Cure Blindness RC
Deafness can be caused by Horn of Blasting (temporary) RC
Confusion Mental condition. Caused by Confusion spell RC
Insanity Mental condition. Can be caused by Contact Outer Plane. Rest required to recover RC
Paralysis magical effect, usually temporary RC
Charmed Mental condition, result of spell or monster ability RC
Fear Mental condition, result of spell or monster ability RC p 35
Turned to Stone (Petrified) Result of spell or monster abilit RC
Lycanthropy, Bhut Similar to Lycanthropy, but turns victims into Bhut AC9 p33
Dusanu Rot Rotting disease spread by The Dusanu AC9 p 65-66
Hivebrood Parasites Turns hosts into Broodlings AC9 p68
Rat's Disease 1 month recovery RC p 201
Wasting Disease See Cure Disease Spell (reversed) RC p36
Radience Disease Rotting disease from exposure to The Radience or other Blackmoor Devices Gaz3, Gaz13
Orkinson's Disease Affects Dexterity Gaz10
Rheumatism Affects Strength Gaz10
Brain Rot Affects Intelligence. A more severe form of Brain Rot sometimes spreads in Soderfjord. Gaz10, TM1
Nervous Breakdown Mental condition. Affects Wisdom Gaz10
Head Cold Affects Constitution Gaz10
Stuttering Affects Charisma Gaz10
Mau-Mau Fever Spread by Mau-Mau flies. found on Ierendi Islands TM1, Gaz4
Bugbear Typhus Common in the Altan Tepes Mountains TM1
Griffin Pox Common in Black Eagle Barony TM1
Scum Variola Common in Black Peaks TM1
Yellow Orc Plague Broken Lands disease TM1
Goblin Measles Cruth Mountains TM1
Dumdum Fever Dwarfgate Mountains TM1
Dwarven Bronchitis underground disease TM1
Longship Pneumonia common in Farend, Landfall TM1
Hin Eczema & Acne found in the Five Shires TM1
Kobold Flu found in Hardanger Range (Soderfjord) TM1
Black Plague found in Heldann Freeholds TM1
Troll's Cholera found in Malpheggi swamps TM1
Glubfly debility found in Sind Desert. Spread by Glubflies during mating season TM1
Gnoll Hepatitis found in Soderfjord TM1
Purulent Cataract found in Alphatia TM1
Bubonic Catarrh found in Ethengar during famine TM1
Sewers Typhoid found in Thyatis TM1
Desert Meningitis found in Ylaruam TM1
Crud spread by filth and dirty conditions D&D Supplement 2
Dysentery Common at Sea D&D Supplement 2
Spottet Fever transmitted by giant ticks D&D Supplement 2
Grippe common term for flu, belly ache etc D&D Supplement 2
Bubonic Plague Spread by fleas D&D Supplement 2
Cholera Spread through flies, foot or water. May also be spread by Hogs D&D Supplement 2
Malaria Tropic or Subtropic swamps D&D Supplement 2
Small Pox May cause permanent loss of CHA or death D&D Supplement 2
Tuberculosis May cause permanent CON loss or death D&D Supplement 2
Typhoid Fever Common among soldiers or in densely populated areas D&D Supplement 2
Typhus spread by parasides. Common during sieges D&D Supplement 2
Yellow Fever Carried by jungle or swamp mosquitoes D&D Supplement 2
Advanced Leprosy See also Mummy Rot above D&D Supplement 2, TM1
Red Curse Affliction Caused by withdrawal from Cinnabryl Red Steel
Demonic Pestilence Spread by Demons IM2
Scurvy Reduces strength and Constitution. Affects sailors Gaz0

A few of these seem a bit odd to consider diseases. Stuttering and Nervous Breakdowns are conditions, but perhaps not proper diseases? Their sources do suggest that they can be cured by Clerics. I have not included other mental illnesses such as the madness caused by Contact Outer Planes.

What about the plague that spread in Glantri during WotI? Was it a variant of the Bubonic Plague? Or something else?

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