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The Death of Lamberto Fulvina - Episode IV

by Giampaolo Agosta and Giovanni Porpora
Year 963 After Crowning

Episode IV

A bet has been made. Signor Lamberto Fulvina must bed one woman for each Principality to prove the superiority of Caurenzan charms with women. Signor Lamberto has decided to hire courtesans from the Sisterhood of the Private Houses to win, but Don Ricardo de Belcadiz has resolve to expose his cheating by replacing the only Ethengarian courtesan with a Caurenzan woman in his employ.


The Dark One sits on the throne, contemplating, his features hidden in shadow. The Caurenzan appears behind the throne from a hidden entrance.

CAURENZAN: Our guests have arrived, Signor.
DARK ONE: Let them in.

(Two sinister characters enter, their faces covered by dark hoods, their bodies covered by heavy cloaks. They move silently towards the throne and stop before the DARK ONE. They make no greeting, in words or action.)

DARK ONE: Greetings. I am in need of your services.
CLOAKED ONE: (In a thin raspy whisper) What kind of target?
DARK ONE: An arcaner. Lamberto Fulvina.
CLOAKED ONE: A noble. That will cost you much.

(The DARK ONE makes a subtle magical gesture, and a bag appears on the floor near the CLOAKED ONE.)

DARK ONE: Here is half of your fee. My trusted one will explain the details.
(Gesturing to the CAURENZAN.)

The Dark One begins to fade and tremble, as if covered by a pale faerie fire, then his shape suddenly fades into nothingness. The Caurenzan approaches from behind the throne and explains the details of the plan to the Cloaked One and his companion.

Who is the Dark One? Who is the Caurenzan? What are they plotting against Signor Lamberto? Discover this and more in the upcoming 5th Episode of The Death of Lamberto Fulvina: Lamberto's Death.