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Mystaran NPC Catalogue

by Jesper Andersen

Sumarlidi Herijarson
Male chaotic good human Warrior/Expert (trader) (2/3)

Sumarlidi is the captain of the longship Fjordvall based out of the capital city of Soderfjord in the Jarldoms. His main business is trading with the clans along the coast of Vestland and the Jarldoms though he sometimes goes as far south as Thyatis or east to Ostland.
Sumarlidi meets a lot of people on his travels and is a good source of information on the current tension in the north where Queen Yrsa of Ostland is trying to bring reform and Ragnar, the War Leader of Soderfjord, is desperately trying to keep his warmongering jarls on the Vestland border in line. He carries a necklace with a piece of whale tooth that has been enchanted by a godar to act as a permanent bless spell.

Helgi Hard-Sailor
Male chaotic neutral human Fighter (4)

Helgi is a tough whaler from the cold island of Osterslo in Ostland. When he is not out hunting whales and sea serpents he roams far and wide with his crew in the longship Valkyrie. They are not above a little piracy when they visit Ierendi or the Minrothad Guilds but are not so stupid as to attract the attention of either nation's navy.
The people of Osterslo are a courageous lot and some of the finest sailors in the world. They don't like outsiders though even blood feuds among their own kin and clan are common. Helgi's heart might warm to a fellow Ostlander if he encounters one far from home and take him aboard the Valkyrie for a price. He doesn't like wizards though and is very mistrustful of arcane magic.

Leif the Long
Male neutral good human Bard (?, probably 10+)

Leif the Long is a tall, slim man almost seven feet high. His long fingers have an expert's grasp of the harp he plays and his deep melodious voice is equally fascinating whether he sings or tells the sagas of his people. He is from Ostland and most of the time he wanders around Noslo Island, the main island in Ostland.
Leif is welcome almost everywhere he goes. Jarl and thrall alike enjoy his tales and songs and treat him as an honoured guest in their halls. He is always dressed in simple travelling clothes; a tunic, pants, boots and a hooded grey cloak and keeps his long hair unbraided. Unlike most northern men, he does not have a beard.
From time to time, Leif has been known to show up unexpectedly when a loyal follower of the Northlands' immortals is in dire straits and offer some advice that can resolve the situation. Most of the time though, the advice comes in the form of parables or allegories for the listener to interpret. Some commoners believe this advice is inspired by Odin, who originally drank the Mead of Poetry and later gave the Gift of Poetry to the skalds.

Snorri Smooth-Tongue
Male lawful evil human Priest of Loki (8)

Snorri is an agent of the immortal Loki working outside the established cult in Ostland. His primary goal is the destabilisation of the rule of Ostland for the glory of his master and his own amusement. His current lair is in the hills north of Zeafort where he is hatching a plan to spread chaos amongst the king's troops in the fort. He has a special Mirror of Opposition which creates duplicates of the mirrored individuals that he can control. He intends to make copies of kidnapped heroes and force the copies into committing murders in the fort. Then he will destroy the duplicates and release the heroes to a fate as outlaws.
Snorri has a number of men-at-arms and acolytes with him lead by the berserker Hengist Hasteinsson (F4, battleaxe+1,+3 vs. Lawful). Snorri carries a Ring of Blinking, a Wand of Charm Person, a Cloak of Charisma+4, a longsword+1 and a Ring of Protection+2.

Thorok the Brave
Male neutral dwarven fighter (8)

Thorok the Brave a.k.a. Thorok, son of Tharok a.k.a. Thorok Tharokwarf a.k.a. Thorok of the Torkrest Clan is a veteran of many years of subterranean war against the goblinoids that continue to threaten the existence of Rockhome. When he lost his eye in battle he decided to leave the army and pursue the life of an adventurer. He banded together with a human called Ayldiir and a somewhat reluctant little gnome wizard named Tido and went off on dangerous quests for treasure and fame.
Thorok is an expert on all kinds of slimes, jellies, oozes and puddings living in dark and dangerous places underground and sometimes he sells his knowledge to other expeditions.
Thorok is incredibly strong (Str. 20) and wears a heavy coat of mail and fights with a double-bladed axe.

Male human chaotic good fighter (7)

Ayldiir (pronounced 'A-el-deer') is a warrior from the wilds of northern Darokin. Ever since he was a kid he has wanted to be a hero and an adventurer. He desperately wants to rise above the peasant social class he was born into and prove his worth. Right now he adventures with a dwarf named Thorok and a timid little gnome wizard named Tido. They are good companions and Ayldiir enjoys their company. Together they have explored many dangerous dungeons in search of treasures and magic.

Male gnome lawful good wizard (6)

Tido grew up in the comforts of a city and didn't spend a night sleeping outside until his 73rd year - and even then he found it most displeasing. He is a sage by profession and a scholar by nature. He enjoys sitting for hours with an interesting book and a cup of tea. Unfortunately, some of the best books and most interesting little magical trinkets are guarded by traps and slimy, hungry monsters. In order to get past those, he has teamed up with a dwarven warrior named Thorok and a human swordsman named Ayldiir.
Tido is cautious by nature and will often suggest to turn back, if danger seems imminent. Thorok and Ayldiir, however, mostly ignore his suggestions.

Agatear Morningdew - 'The Silver Traveller'
Male half-elf neutral (good) fighter/sorcerer (?(17+)/?(5+))

Agatear Morningdew is probably one of the greatest heroes alive on Mystara today. He has lived for more than 150 years and often passes out of history for years at a time before surfacing again in yet another epic adventure. He answers to no-one and to most people, even those who know him the best, he continues to be an enigma. Apparently, he does not crave wealth or even fame. Many years ago, he performed a service to the emperor of Thyatis, who wanted to shower him with wealth and titles as a reward. Agatear politely declined the emperor's offer. When the baffled emperor asked how he would take his reward instead, Agatear asked for a single bottle of rare wine from the emperor's private wine cellar - and got it.
Some of the stories about Agatear is that the blood of ancient royal Wendar runs in his veins, mixed with his human heritage of blond Norwoldian stock. He is known to go from being gentle and passionate at the sight of great natural beauty to summoning such a fearsome rage in battle against evil that his enemies have no option but to retreat.
Agatear Morningdew is surrounded by myth and folklore but most bards agree that he wears a silver Cloak of Displacement and carries a magical Dancing Blade named Vardkiss - the Antalian word for 'Shield of Tears'.

Jeremiah Whistlepot
Male chaotic good halfling rogue (4)

Jeremiah Whistlepot is an adventuring Hin rogue from Fishtickle Bridge in Heartshire. His wanderlust has brought him to the far reaches of the Known World, including Denagoth and the Isle of Dawn. Jeremiah belongs to the Cindertoes clan and is a famous cook. He has won the Fishtickle Bridge cookout six seasons in a row, much to the irritation of the Gullybucks and the Illingals.
Jeremiah is never without his trusted iron cauldron and a pack full of ingredients, ready to make practically anything into a feast. When he stops by inns and taverns he enjoys to play cards - another thing he is quite good at.

Female lawful good human paladin of Tarastia (8)

Sushumo is a dark-skinned warrioress from the Pearl Islands. Her father was a captain in the Thyatian army stationed there who met her native mother and fell in love. Sushumo grew up to become an officer herself but eventually left the army in favour of high adventure. She travelled to mainland Thyatis and came into contact with the priesthood of Tarastia and became one of its agents against evil and injustice.
Sushumo quickly rose to prominence within the order and received the blessing of the church in 994 when she became a paladin of Tarastia. Since then she has been continually questing for the church, seeking out criminals and others fleeing from justice and battling monsters preying on the isolated farms in the northern parts of Thyatis.
Wherever she goes, Sushumo usually stands out in the populace with her dark brown skin and dark hair. She has had a few unpleasant encounters with members of the Hattian Storm Soldiers when she was in the army and she would like nothing more than a chance to strike back at that organisation...

Lord Isac
Male lawful good human paladin of Koryis (16)

Lord Isac is an old paladin close to retirement and looking for someone to train as his replacement in the thin ranks of devout paladins of Koryis. Once, Lord Isac was a brash youth who had just been knighted and made a paladin. His most trusted friend was another young knight named Sir Damon and they were always competing to be the best. When Sir Damon's sister - the fair maiden Imelda, whom Isac was in love with - was kidnapped by the evil wizard Skade both Isac and Damon vowed to be the one to rescue her. Individually they set out from the castle of Sir Damon's father and travelled north to Skade's tower in the south of Denagoth.
As Lord Isac approached the tower, he was met by a fearsome knight clad all in black armour. The evil knight saluted him and charged. Lord Isac raised is own lance in salute and charged as well. A mighty battle ensued in which Lord Isac killed the black knight only to realise that he had killed his friend Damon. Isac realised that he had fallen victim to Skade's spell because of his own sin of pride and he immediately fell from grace loosing all of his paladin powers.
Unable to rescue his love, Isac departed and Skade offered the young Imelda in a dark bargain with a power of entropy. She was never seen again.
For years Isac quested to atone for his failure and eventually he regained his status as a paladin of Koryis. Then he started his hunt for Skade. For 30 years he hounded the evil wizard's steps, never giving him a moment's peace. Several times he upset the wizard's evil schemes but the mage always eluded him. They battled across several planes of existence and gave rise to legends of the hunter and the hunted.
Eventually, Isac tracked down Skade in a remote mountain lair and caught the wizard by surprise and alone. Standing above his hated enemy, sword raised, poised to strike, tears ran down the old paladin's cheeks. He looked at the pathetic creature screaming for mercy, and then lowered his sword. Right then and there he prayed to Koryis to strip Skade of all his magical powers, forever rendering him unable to harm another soul again. And then he let him go - for mercy and forgiveness is greater than the power to take life.
In the years since the end of his epic quest Lord Isac has felt the power of his body waning and is currently staying at the temple tutoring the young initiates.

Male chaotic good human fighter (15)

Rogann grew up in a small village in the backwaters of Darokin. He learned his father's trade, the craft of a weaponsmith and armourer, but longed for the road and high adventure. Eventually, he left the village and travelled far and wide. He soon became an experienced fighter and a well-known hero among the rural folk, battling humanoids and delving deep into mountainous caves in search of gold and magic.
His most epic achievement until this day is the slaying of the beast Temonest, a red dragon living high in the Altan Tepe mountains.
Rogann has clear blue eyes and a firm handshake. He is incredibly strong and afraid of nothing. He is reserved around strangers but in the midst of friends his deep, hearty laughter can always be heard. In the face of battle and overwhelming danger he is always calm and analysing.
More than once has he been offered his own dominion and the title of baron but Rogann prefers the open road.
He fights with a Sun Blade and carries a magical shield+4, which grants a +5 to saves vs. all breath weapons and fear.

Haeralm Ghostdancer Male neutral evil human shaman (14+)

Haeralm is the shaman of one of the tribes of the Atruaghin Elk Clan. He has been influenced by an immortal of entropy and has taken over control of the tribe, which he has reshaped into a powerful war-party.
With his warriors Haeralm has massacred a delegation of Darokin traders from the great house of Toney in Akorros, leaving behind evidence such as false footprints and broken weapons pointing to the Horse Clan tribes. Haeralm hopes the Toney house will ask the forces at Fort Anselbury for help, which could instigate a war between the Horse Clan and the republic of Darokin, leaving behind a power vacuum that his tribe and the other tribes he intends to take over can then fill out. With the Horse Clan out of the way, Haeralm would have access to sacred caverns near the Angry Waters, which his new immortal master has promised him holds even more power...

The Power and the Protector

The Power and the Protector are the Guardians of the Altar of Zartax. In ancient times, Zartax was a mad wizard who used the altar to summon a force of demons in an effort to conquer the land. He was defeated by the first Power and Protector and they and their descendants have since guarded the altar. Nobody is entirely sure how the line of succession works but every generation a new Power and Protector appears to take over the duties of their ancestors.

The Power
Female lawful good human wizard/cleric (8/6)

The Power (she is known by no other name) is the Keeper of the Altar of Zartax. Like her ancestor, she possesses the key to unleash the altar's powers and release abyssal destruction upon the world once more.
Although powerful, the Power is a pure soul, uncorrupted and innocent, bordering on naive. She is joyous and playful like an animal on a spring day and radiates love and harmony. She wields a Staff of Life that can also cast Healing Circle and Holy Word once per day and wears a Cloak of Resistance +3.

The Protector
Female chaotic good human fighter (14)

The Protector (she is known by no other name) is the bodyguard of the Keeper of the Altar of Zartax. She is also her half-sister. While it is a necessity that the Keeper remains pure and innocent in order to resist the lure of the Altar, the same is not true for the Protector. She is the embodiment of lust, desire and passion. Her dark eyes and melodious voice has caused many a male sleepless nights. But she is fiercely devoted to her half-sister and the cause and would never abandon her duties.
The Protector wears a half-plate +3 and fights with a vorpal longsword +4 and a dagger +2. Her red cloak grants her a spell resistance of 17.

Female neutral human fighter (11)

Andura used to be one of Thyatis' most wanted criminals. She and her band of bandits robbed several gold transports from the northern baronies meant for the imperial treasury and vanished without a trace. Recently, Andura and her gang earned a pardon for all past crimes when they exposed an Alphatian spy-ring working in said northern baronies. A few Alphatians escaped but most were caught and gagged and bound introduced to the monsters in the Colosseum.
Andura decided it was time to settle down and opened a tavern called the Snake in Hillfork where most of her old associates now work. Agents from the Imperial Treasury do not believe that they squandered away all the gold and are watching the place, as are the Alphatians and members of the Shadow Hand thieves' guild. So far, none of them have dared to break into the tavern's upper rooms to find evidence of where the gold is hidden...
Andura is cool and calm. She is extremely intelligent and a master of deception and ambush. She is also a very beautiful woman, something she has used to escape the law more than once. While Andura is not really evil, she can seem cruel to strangers - simply because she cares very little about anyone other than herself and her men. She is a mercenary and an opportunist and if this thing with the gold doesn't force her to become an outlaw again she could easily become one of the Thyatian Empire's most valuable assets in the field of their covert operations.

Gerhard Grossmaul
Male lawful (evil?) human wizard / fighter (15 / 4)

Gerhard Grossmaul is somewhat of a mystery to most people in Glantri. He was virtually unknown in the finer circles of society until the autumn of 999 AC when he and a band of dragon hunters killed three red dragons out of the Wendar Range.
Suddenly Gerhard was the talk of the town but little was established about him except that he has graduated from the Great School of Magic a few years back and that he is distantly related to the Ritterburg family of Aalban.
Although he is clearly a very powerful mage he has so far not made any moves indicating that he might be interesting in entering the Awards Festival in pursuit of a dominion of his own. Gerhard seems content to hunt dragons and sell the carcasses as spell components and reaping the rewards for felling the beasts.

The Black Rose

Female Neutral Good elven rogue/sorcerer (7/3)

The Black Rose is the nickname of one of Darokin's most infamous catburglars. No one knows whether the Black Rose is male of female, but the burglar's trademark signature is a single black rose left on the scene of a crime.

The Black Rose has a history of committing near impossible break-ins, which has attributed to his or her almost legendary reputation amongst law enforcers and the underworld. The Black Rose has a knack for avoiding traps, lightning reflexes and a suspiciously great deal of luck.

Unknown to all, the Black Rose is actually an elven lady named Shalissa, who lives in Darokin City and serves as a captain of the city guard in one of the finer districts. The last few years she has been closely involved in the constabulary's efforts to capture The Black Rose and other troublesome burglars in the city.

Her anonymity, even when dealing with her fence, has so far kept her safe from both the law and vengeful attacks from the local thieves' guild who want her "rubbed out" as the phrase is.

Recently, however, Shalissa has fallen in love with a handsome new lieutenant in the city guard - a man who is determined to bring the Black Rose to justice. Shalissa is considering retiring from her night-time activities but has so far not reached a decision.


The party of adventurers known as "the heroes of Duncan's Keep" hail from all over the Known World. They have been adventuring together for almost 10 years now and have travelled from Wendar to Karameikos and from Sind to the Isle of Dawn.
The heroes are well-known members of the international Adventurers' Guild based in Darokin City and frequently visit the Shady Dragon Inn between quests.
Their nick-name is the result of having saved the tiny settlement Duncan's Keep in Wendar from a very young green dragon back in 998 AC.

Male human Lawful Neutral cleric (7)

Dratan is a devout priest of Diamond - Ruler of the Lawful Dragons. He is fairly private about his faith but always takes a special interest in tales of evil or 'rogue' dragons spreading terror and death. Dratan has been to the legendary City of the Dragons far to the north once, but he does not speak of what he saw there. He was born in Darokin on the banks of the Streel River in 972 AC. He fights with a magical warhammer+2 and wears a magical belt that grants him +3 on all saving throws.

Male human Chaotic Good fighter (8)

Emrode is a fighter from the Soderfjord Jarldoms, and usually acts as the party leader. He is a giant of a man - almost 7 feet tall - and his strength is legendary (str 19). Unlike many of his clansmen, Emrode is not a thickheaded brute but a cunning tactician and a skilled leader. His guile has saved the party more than once. Emrode was born in 973 AC in the village of Whiteheart. Before leaving the Northern Reaches in search of adventure, he lead many war parties against gnoll invaders and has a special hatred for these kinds of humanoids. He fights with a broad masterwork blade enchanted by priests of Odin to have an extra +2 to hit and do +4 damage to evil creatures.

Female human Neutral Good fighter (7)

Rayemina grew up as an orphan in a convent in Penhaligon, but the nuns of the Holy Church of Karameikos could not control the wild child. She was always climbing trees and challenging boys to fights with sticks - and winning. Her knees were always bloody and bruised, but she didn't care. Finally, when she was 15, the nuns allowed her to become the servant of an aging knight of the realm named Sir Royce. When he died two winters later, Rayemina sold whatever of his equipment she couldn't use and headed out into the world to seek adventure.
She quickly found Dratan and Emrode and they became the family she never had. Today, she is a beautiful 27-year old woman with a cheerful laugh and dressed in a battered armour. She fights with a bastard sword +1, +3 versus Shapechangers and carries Potion of Treasure Finding - a gift from the dwarf Rinndug Grandglaive, Master Smith of Penhaligon.

Male human Lawful Good wizard (7)

Almost 36 years old, Rubelest is the oldest of the humans in the group and also its newest member. He joined the party during an adventure in the Altan Tepe mountains six years ago.
Rubelst graduated as a pupil of Teldon himself from the Magicians' Guild of Specularum in 992 AC and since then travelled most of the Grand Duchy. After teaming up with Dratan, Emrode, Rayemina and Dulaneh he has seen most of the Known World and he spends most of his spare time writing the chronicles of these journeys and doing magic research.
Rubelest is a shy fellow, likeable and quiet and always very polite. It used to be that his only interest was magic but about a year ago he realized that he had fallen in love with Rayemina. Unfortunately, he is too shy to tell her and has accepted loving her from a distance. Rubelest wears an Amulet of Protection+4, a powerful gift from his old master, Teldon, and several scrolls with magical spells. He has an affinity for earth magic.

Female elven Chaotic Good rogue (6)

The only non-human in the party, Dulaneh left her ancestral Alfheim in 991 AC at the age of 48. She wandered round Darokin when she met the rest of the party and has been with them ever since.
Short and nimble, Dulaneh functions as a burglar and scout to the party. Her elven sight and ears are far more keen than the humans' senses. She is also deadly with a bow and carries an elven shortbow+3 taken from a treasure hoard in the Mengul Mountains three years back.


Female human chaotic neutral (good) fighter/rogue (6/11)

Shu Linn is the true name of a vigilante known to the public only as 'The Reaper'. She has spread terror and fear in criminal circles in Darokin for nearly five years. Only a handful of close and loyal friends knows Shu Linn's true story.

In AC 996, her husband, who was an officer in the city guard in Darokin City, lead an operation that really hurt the Thieves' Guild. In retaliation they had him captured, tortured and killed and they also torched his home - with his wife and newborn baby inside. Shu Linn survived but the baby didn't.

From that moment on, she swore revenge on the guild. She was a former scout in the army and Shu Linn moved to another part of the country, letting everyone think that she died in the fire. She looked up old friends and began training with weapons again. Four months later, she returned to the city in disguise and started her campaign of terror against criminals of all sorts.

As The Reaper she is a cold and merciless vigilante, not above slaying pickpockets and petty thieves. Usually she extracts information from them first, however, and if she gets wind of a guild operation, whether a gambling den, a training facility, a warehouse with illegal goods or a house of prostitution run by thieves... she burns it down.

After a few months of taking revenge, people were talking in the streets. Half the city guard admire her and want to help her. The other half curses her for breaking a number of laws and making them look bad. Although the general population might find her methods a bit bloody and extreme, they appreciate that crime is down and the streets are safer.

The Thieves Guild are furious and have put a large price on her head. Already, bounty hunters from all over the Known World are converging on Darokin City and the streets will surely run red again soon...

The courts have put forth an order for her arrest but realise that half their own force would probably let her go, if they ever did catch her. In fact, The Reaper's reputation for 'cleaning up the city' has made some of the powerful merchants wonder if she might be the medicine needed to take on the powerful thieves' guild in Akorros, who has been getting out of hand (see Gaz 11, page 32-33).

Shu Linn has not yet tired of her bloody profession. A fire of vengeance burns in her cold heart and she has actually become more brutal than she was to begin with. A few close friends hope that her thirst for justice is soon quenched with the blood of so many dead, but also fear that she has taken a liking to slaying and might not be able to stop again.

MALCOLM GREY - Misunderstood artist

Male human chaotic good Commoner / Bard (2/6)

Malcolm grew up in a small village in Darokin as the son of the local miller. Ever since he was a child he wanted to be a "bad boy minstrel" and entertain with his music and songs. Alas, Malcolm is born ahead of his time and most people simply aren't ready for his type of music yet...

When Malcolm was in his early teens his father bought him a lyre and Malcolm practiced with it every day for hours when his chores were done. But he found the usual style of music boring and uninspirational, so he started experimenting. He played wild new tunes and sang songs that made the maidens in the village gasp and blush.

Pretty soon he had a small "congregation" of girls who slipped down to the stream every afternoon to hear him play. Malcolm was popular, he was a rebel and he loved it. But soon the village elders found out about it and Malcolm was forbidden to play his "inappropriate" music. It was said that it encouraged young boys and girls to "immoral" behaviour. When Malcolm insisted on his right to play, he was banished from the village.

Since then Malcolm has walked the roads in search of an audience that "digs him". Most new places he is welcomed in, only to be thrown out again the minute he starts playing his strange music.

He has a small flock of fans following him including two mushroom-eating, head banging brownies named Mitch and Smiley and an old priest of Faunus, father O'Kirrian, who hasn't been sober since AC 996...

Malcolm Grey spends most of his money on new lyres because he tends to smash them during concerts when he gets excited. He wears a calf-skin jacket, trousers and boots and his arms feature various tattoos. His hair is shoulder-length and in need of a comb.

[DMing notes] PCs could meet Malcolm at a time when he is about to give another concert and perhaps prevent him from being chased off the stage for which he would be very grateful. Or they could come across one of his rehearsals in the forest and mistake the crying and yelling for someone in distress and come charging to the rescue. It is doubtful that that Malcolm will ever find a larger audience that will accept him but perhaps the PCs can take him along on one of their journeys to faraway places where such a strange culture could exist?