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Plants of Mystara

compiled by Håvard

Wolfsbane (RC) Mandragora (Gaz3) Whipweed (AC9) Shriekers (RC)
Garlic (RC) Alfheim Home Trees (Gaz5) Treant (RC) Fungoid (AC9)
Fungi, Flourescent (Gaz13) Tree of Life (Gaz5) Vampire Rose (AC9) Blast Spore (AC9)
Gargonan Rose (SCMCA) Guardian Trees of Ulimwengu (VotPA) Strangle Vine (AC9) Yellow Mold (RC)
Trania (Gaz13) / Foodshroom (Gaz10) Blackmoorian Super Berries (FFC) Strangleweed (AC9) Sporacle (RC)
Badshroom (Gaz10) Ashmorain Fruits (HWA2) Amber Lotus Flower (AC9) Dusanu (AC9)
Futpuff (Gaz10) Frond of Life (PC3) Archer Bush (AC9)
Rokstolk (Gaz10) Moonflower (PC4 p.63) Red Worms (AC9)
Fireshroom (Gaz10) Garden Imp Flower (M2eMC) Serpentweed (AC9)
Rustlemoss (Gaz10) Emerond Steeelwood (CoM) Sirenflower (AC9)
Lermon (Gaz13) Canredwaith (SoD) Gakkarak (AC9)
Gooberry (Gaz10) Lavera (SoD) Grab Grass (RC)
Oozeshroom (Gaz10) Tothiel (SoD) Cestian Gobbler (VotPA)
Wogar's Cup (Gaz10) Ardor berries (SoD) Stolari (VotPA)
Weepin' Fungi (Gaz10) Vail-vine (DT) Darksnap (Gaz13)
Strider Fungus (Gaz13) / Biggiz (Gaz10) Sentinel Tree (Gaz5) Wood elemental (DAB)
Zzonga Bush (DotE) Crystal Tree (Gaz3) Wood Mephit (DAB)
Blackspore (Gaz13) Black Jack (WiF)
Pearldew (Gaz13) Makinin (Gaz3, M2eMC)
Shaman Fungus (Gaz13) Killer Trees (X6, AC9)
Sea Vegetables (PC3) Giant Strangleweed (CoM)
Starblooms (OS2) Giant Serpentweed (CoM)
Hemlock bush (O1) Somnastis Plant (HW)
Black poppies (O1) Juniper Blood Sucker (OCB3)
Thyme (O1) Purple Moss (OCB3)

Wolfsbane   (RC)
Garlic   (RC)
Fungi, Flourescent   (Gaz13)
Gargonan Rose   (SCMCA)
Trania / Foodshroom This name is given to the staple food fungi of the shadow elves as a generic, as well as to the prepared food they make from it. There is a difference in the way the two nouns are intoned, however, with the name of the fungus pronounced with the emphasis on the "tra," whereas the food is referred to with the emphasis on the "nee" syllable. Gaz 13, Gaz 10
Badshroom   (Gaz10)
Futpuff   (Gaz10)
Rokstolk   (Gaz10)
Fireshroom   (Gaz10)
Rustlemoss   (Gaz10)
Lermon Lermon: This medium-size fungus, when young is the standard food supply for giant slugs; older, bigger plants are too tough and of poor nutritional value. (Gaz13)
Gooberry   (Gaz10)
Oozeshroom   (Gaz10)
Wogar's Cup   (Gaz10)
Weepin' Fungi   (Gaz10)
Strider Fungus / Biggiz This huge fungus is known to the orcs by the name of "Biggiz" (see GAZ10 <The Orcs of Thar>). The shadow elves call it strider fungus because of the amazing growth rate of this huge flat-top fungus compared with most other species. One fanciful tale told to children was that the fungi could walk, and moved around when no one was looking. It was the only way to explain how it suddenly appeared, as it seemed to the elves. The Strider Fungus is important because of its thick and fibrous hollow trunk. This is used in cheap, temporary constructions around the cities (not inside them) and in the poorer shadow-elf communities. (Gaz10)(Gaz 13)
Zzonga Bush   (DotE)
Blackspore These "traditional" mushroom-shaped fungi produce heavy black spores which are valued as flavoring and in preparing <trania>, the preserved food of the shadow elves. (Gaz 13)
Pearldew (Gaz 13) This fungus has a hollow, pitcher-like stem and a rimmed, gilled cap at the top. It exudes a sweet sap into the pitcher and, if this can be found fresh, the stem can be "tapped" (like rubber tapping) and the sap slowly drawn off. A single plant (only small ones, up to 6-8 feet, give good sap) can yield up to 1d6 pints of this sap. The sap is useful as slug food, as a sealant or glue if reduced by gentle simmering, and is part of the secret recipe used by spider hunters in their business. It is also used in the preparation of skinwing oil, the substance used for rubbing down skinwings at the stables. Gaz 13
Shaman Fungus One small capped fungus has a pattern of pendulous gills which appear vaguely like the mark of the shaman. This edible fungus is greatly prized and is always given to the temple for the shamans to eat. Discovery of a significant cluster of these rare fungi is taken as a good omen. (Gaz 13)
Sea Vegetables   (PC3)
Starblooms   (OS2)
Hemlock bush   (O1)
Black poppies   (O1)
Thyme   (O1)
Ginger   (O1)
Foxglove   (O1)
White lotus   (O1)
Myrrh   (O1)
Frank incense bush   (O1)
Belladonna   (O1)
Catnip   (O1)
Anise   (O1)
Elderberry bush   (01)
Dragon plant   (01)
Elf-berry Bush   (Elven Home, Dungeon #1)
Chameleon Tree   (B8)
Anterian Grapewine   (OCB3)
Unrah Tree   (VotPA #13)
Yew Wood   (HWA1)
Barley   (HWA1)
Oak   (HWA1)
Epiphyte   (HWA1)
Spanish Moss   (HWA1)
Orchid   (HWA1)
Begonia   (HWA1)
Fern   (HWA1)
Redwood Tree   DA1
Moss   Gaz8
Deepmoss Fungi Glowing Fungi used by Halflings Gaz8 p43
Oak   Gaz8
Pine   Gaz8
Rose bush   Gaz8
Night Light These are phosphorenscent algae-like plants. They are cultivated by the Dwarves of Rockhome to provide light during the night. (Unofficial name) Gaz 6 p 52
Hragolos Gigantic underground fungi. These are edible and farmed by the Dwarves of Rockhome. (Unofficial name) Gaz 6 p 53
Cinnamon Tree   Gaz 8 p17
Tobacco Plant   Gaz 8 p17

Fairy Ring Mushroom (AC8 p 4): A single mushroom equals a full meal. These are often guarded by Fungoids (AC2).