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Mystaran Universities

by Marco Dalmonte

Here it is as I promised, the whole list of the Mystaran Universities. I think I may have missed only the Savage Coast ones (if there are any) cause I had no time to check in those supplements, so if anyone can fill it up... Enjoy it! :)


Location Name Most Illustrious Teachings
Aasla (Alphatia)* Eriadna High Magic of the Air, Astronomy
Alchemos (Meriander, Bellissaria) University of Alchemos Alchemy
Alfheim Town (Alfheim)** Edrecort's Academy of Thaumaturgical Science Basic Magic and Spell Research
Biazzan (Thyatis) University of Biazzan Algebra, Hollow World Theories
Camp Sodhor (Broken Lands)*** Thar's Legion Orcish Warfare (humanoids ONLY)
Corisa (Milenian Empire -HW) Academy of the Arcane Magic, Philosophy, Botany, Monster Lore, Arts, Literature
Corunglain (Darokin) University of Corun Siege Warfare, Land-based Exploration
Darokin City (Darokin) DDC Compound Diplomacy, Global Trading
Dengar (Rockhome) Skarrad High Seminary Architecture, Engineering
Evemur (Rockhome) Syrklist Conservatory Mining, Metallurgy, Geology
Featherfall (Aeria, Alatian Islands) University of Air Magics Magic of the Air, Skyship Engineering & Enchanting
Glantri City (Glantri) Great School of Magic Magic in all its forms
Harbortown (Minrothad) School of Harbortown Navigation, Commercial Shipbuilding
Ierendi City (Ierendi) Naval Academy Navigation, Naval Warfare
Krakatos (Karameikos) Karameikan School of Magecraft Magic in all its forms
Leenz (Glantri) Drachen Zentral Monster Lore and Hunting
Newkirk (Westrourke, Isle of Dawn) Newkirk High Sea Exploration, Linguistics
Norrvik (Vestland) Uppsala College Magical Runes, Poetry, Folklore
Retebius (Thyatis) Retebius Air Academy Air Warfare, Flying creatures Training
Rymskigrad (Glantri) Igorov Institute Ancient History, Necromancy
Sayr Ulan (Sind) Ul-Nervi Palace Philosophy, Theology
Seashield (Aquas) Zyndryl University Aquatic Races, Underwater Magic, Sea Exploration
Selenica (Darokin) University of Al-Azrad Economics, Commerce, Administration
Serraine (Flying City of Serraine) Top Ballista Flying School Aircraft Piloting, Air Warfare
Shireton (Five Shires) Shireton Tea House Literature, Poetry, Agriculture
Skyreach (Floating Ar) Aerial University of Ar Air Magic, Skyship Engineering & Enchanting
Specularum/Mirros (Karameikos)**** Magicians' Guild Hall Basic Magic & Spell Research
Stahl (Rockhome) Lyceum of Dwarven Magic Dwarven Magic Crafting
Sundsvall (Alphatia)***** Sundsvall University Universal Magic, Arcane Exploration
Thyatis City (Thyatis) Imperial Academy Land Warfare, Diplomacy
Thyatis City (Thyatis) College of Lucinius (aka Collegium Arcanum) Magical Warfare & Engineering
Trollhattan (Alphatia) Large Grey House Spying & Stealth Techniques, Alchemy (Poisons)
Vyonnes (Glantri) Beaux Arts de Vyonnes Art & Entertaining
Ylaruam Town (Ylaruam) Dream of the Desert Garden University Water Management, Theology

(*) Aasla was destroyed in a firestorm early in the war with Glantri, and so was Eriadna High.

(**) When Alfheim Town was conquered by the Shadowelves all the citizens fled, and so did Edrecort: therefore it's very likely that his academy is now closed, and it will remain until he decides to return there (that's to say when the Shadowelves will finally welcome other races in their twisted forest)

(***) Thar's Legion is probably now disbanded, according to the last events depicted in PWA1014. It is likely however, that Kol has (or is about to) built up his own personal "university" (more a junior high school) about Kobold Warfare and Trapbuilding Techniques.

(****) The Magicians' Guildhall led by Teldon may still exist, though his prestige his now very much reduced due to the construction of the new Karameikan School of Magecraft. It's likely the Guildhall offers courses to those pupils who cannot afford to pay for the KSM and to those rookies of the magical arts.

(*****) The Imperial Academy was destroyed during the Sundsvall Incident, when the capital was utterly destroyed by magical and natural forces. It is not unlikely however, that Empress Eriadna has arranged the construction of a New Imperial Academy in the capital of Jafilia, and it will probably open in AC 1015.

New Suggested Universities (basing on TSR released information)

Location Name Most Illustrious Teachings
Alpha (Alpha) Royal University of Norwold Agriculture, Land Warfare, Basic Magic
Draco (Alphatia) Alphatian Military Academy Land Warfare, Military Tactics
Erendyl (Glantri) Erewan Dateless University Botany, Horticulture, Zoology
Minrothad City (Minrothad) Minrothad Institute of Trading Economics, Trading & Marketing
Port Lucinius (Thyatis) Imperial Naval Academy (aka Collegium Navalis) Navigation, Naval Warfare, Shipbuilding
Rardish (Alphatia)* Alphatian Naval Academy Naval Warfare, Shipbuilding
Starpoint (Alphatia)* University of Starpoint Astronomy, Arts & Entertaining
Tameronikas (Ylaruam) Ylaruam Medical Curative Academy Medicine, Healing Methods, Herbalism
Trollhattan (Alphatia) Multiracial University of Trollhattan Ethnography, Monster Lore, Zoology

(*) Since Aasla has been destroyed and the Floating Ar is on the surface world, and since now Alphatia is a floating continent without any access to the sea, it is likely that either the University of Starpoint or the ANA (or both) have been converted to the teachings of Air Magic and Air Combat and to the production of Airships.

As a last note I'd like to point out that I introduced a few small similarities with our world universities: just look and try to find them out! It's a bit of entertaining. :)