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Universities of Mystara

Universities of the Old World



Most Illustrious Teachings

Biazzan (Thyatis)

University of Biazzan

Algebra, Hollow World Theories

Corunglain (Darokin)

University of Corun

Siege Warfare, Land-based Exploration

Darokin (Darokin)

DDC Compound

Diplomacy, Global Trading, Geopolitics

Dengar (Rockhome)

Skarrad High Seminary

Architecture, Engineering

Erendyl (Glantri)

Erewan Dateless University

Botany, Horticulture, Zoology

Evermur (Rockhome)

Syrklist Conservatory

Mining, Metallurgy, Geology

Glantri (Glantri)

Great School of Magic

Magic in all its forms

Harbortown (Minrothad)

School of Harbortown

Navigation, Commercial Shipbuilding

Ierendi (Ierendi)

Naval Academy

Navigation, Naval Warfare

Kerendas (Thyatis)

West Reach

Cavalry Tactics, Mounted Warfare

Krakatos (Karameikos)

Karameikan School of Magecraft

Magic in all its forms

Leenz (Glantri)

Drachen Zentral

Monster Lore and Hunting

Minrothad (Minrothad)

Minrothad Institute of Trading

Economics, Trading & Marketing

Norrvik (Vestland)

Uppsala College

Magical Runes, Poetry, Folklore

Port Lucinius (Thyatis)

Imperial Navy Academy (a.k.a. Collegium Navalis)

Navigation, Naval Warfare, Shipbuilding

Retebius (Thyatis)

Retebius Air Academy

Air Warfare, Flying Creatures Training

Rymskigrad (Glantri)1

Igorov Institute

Ancient History, Necromancy

Sayr Ulan (Sind)

Ul Nervi Palace

Philosophy, Theology

Selenica (Darokin)

University of Al-Azrad

Economics, Commerce, Administration

Selenica (Darokin)

Darokin University of Medicine and Scientific Researches

Medicine, Anatomy & Surgery

Serraine (Serraine)2

Top Ballista Flying School

Aircraft Piloting, Air Warfare

Shireton (Five Shires)

Shireton Tea House

Literature, Poetry, Agriculture

Tameronikas (Ylaruam)

Ylaruam Medical & Curative Academy

Medicine, Healing Methods, Herbalism

Thyatis (Thyatis)

Imperial Academy

Land Warfare, Diplomacy

Thyatis (Thyatis)

College of Lucinius (a.k.a. Collegium Arcanum)

Magical Warfare & Engineering

Thyatis (Thyatis)

Academy of Music

Music, Storytelling, Construction of musical instruments

Vyonnes (Glantri)

Beaux Arts de Vyonnes

Art & Entertaining

Ylaruam (Ylaruam)3

Dream of the Desert Garden University

Water Management, Theology

(1) With the Ethengar invasion of AC 1015, the Igorov Institute was heavily damaged and classes dismissed. Though the damage has been addressed now, the students and faculty have been slow in returning.

(2) The Flying City of Serraine and its Top Ballista Academy are not currently drawing students. This is due to the hostile takeover of the city in AC 1015.

(3) With its past civil unrest and rise to power of a more pro-isolationist government, the Dream of the Desert Garden University has closed its doors to the majority of non-Ylari students and faculty members.

Universities of the Alphatian Sea and the Sea of Dawn



Most Illustrious Teachings

Alchemos (Meriander)

University of Alchemos


Alpha (Alpha)

Royal University of Norwold

Agriculture, Land Warfare, Basic Magic

Feather Fall (Aeria)

University of Air Magics

Magic of the Air, Skyship Engineering & Enchanting

Newkirk (Westrourke)

Newkirk High

Sea Exploration, Linguistics

Seashield (Aquas)

Zyndryl University

Aquatic Races, Underwater Magic, Sea Exploration

Skyreach (Floating Ar)

Aerial University of Ar

Air Magic, Skyship Engineering & Enchanting