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Mystic of Vanya

by George Hrabovsky

As a normal mystic except that the martial art is called the "Gentle Wind Style". They use a sword as the art has the following chart:

Gentle Wind

Technique Level Damage Defence Special Effects
Gentle Wind BC ---- ---- Basic skill with sword
SK ---- ---- Skilled with sword
[P=H] SM EX ---- ---- Expert with sword
MS ---- ---- Master with sword
1H SH GM ---- ---- Grand Master with sword

There are additional manoeuvres which can be purchased with skill slots. These manoeuvres must be purchased in order.

1) Feint: this is an attack designed to draw the opponent out, the opponent's next attack is +2 to hit you; your next attack is a +4 to hit and damage

2) Blinding Cut: this attack causes blood to flow into the target's eyes, all attacks made by the target are at -5 to hit for a full minute (the time it takes to wipe the blood away).

3) Bleeding Cut: this attack causes the wound to bleed one hit point per round until healed or death.

4) Quick Strike: this attack is at -4 to hit, if successful the attack is so swift that there is no chance for a deflect or parry

5) Blindfighting: this is an Int based skill allowing the character to fight in darkness or to fight invisible foes without detriment.

6) Arterial Cut: this attack causes the target to lose a d3 hit points per round.

7) The Gentle Wind: this is a Dex based manoeuvre allowing the character to move at full speed and strike every opponent within arm's reach of the path.

Of course the mystic is not required to pay for these skills:

Level 1: Basic
Level 2: +1 Damage
Level 3: Feint
Level 4: Blinding Cut
Level 5: Bleeding Cut
Level 6: Skilled
Level 7: +1 Damage
Level 8: Quick Strike
Level 9: Expert
Level 10: +1 Damage
Level 11: Blindfighting
Level 12: Master
Level 13: +1 Damage
Level 14: Arterial Cut
Level 15: Grand Master
Level 16: The Gentle Wind