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Mystaran Calendar

Most Mystaran calendars consist of twelve months of 28 days each. These months are divided into 4 weeks of 7 days. Each day of the week has a name, but the weeks themselves do not.

Month (example: Nuwmont)
Days Date
Lunadain 1 NM 8 FQ 15 FM 22 LQ
Gromdain 2 9 16 23
Tserdain 3 10 17 24
Moldain 4 11 18 25
Nytdain 5 12 19 26
Loshdain 6 13 20 27
Soladain 7 14 21 28

NM = New Moon, FQ = First Quarter, FM = Full Moon, LQ = Last Quarter.

Most nations have adopted the Thyatian calendar which is dated from the crowning of their first Emperor, Zendrolion Tatriokanitas. It is currently the year After Crowning 1015.

The name of the months and days depends on the nation. A few examples for the months follow

nation: Thyatis Five Shires Ethengar Rockhome
midwinter Nuwmont* Clabbas* Arnai Wharlin
late winter Vatermont Vuuldiir Hiskmai Morlin
early spring Thaumont Maehin Yalmai Hralin*
middle spring Flaurmont Odelin Haimai Hwyrlin
late spring Yarthmont Gondulrim Kevamai Styrlin
early summer Klarmont Mithintle Seimai Bahrlin
midsummer Felmont Goldaun Lingmai Buhrlin
late summer Fyrmont Fyrtal Tringmai Klintlin
early fall Ambyrmont Aumbyr Demai Birrlin
middle fall Sviftmont Ssantiir Chagai* Biflin
late fall Eirmont Tembiit Rinpoch Jhyrlin
early winter Kaldmont Dauntil Komai Kuldlin

*: marks the first day of the year.

Mystaran Horoscope

Most cultures of Mystara practice a form of astrology in which every month of the year corresponds to an animal or monster totem (a star sign). Children born under one of the totem signs are expected to acquire personality traits appropriate to that sign. These traits are governed by the child's Ascendancy and Influence.

Month Star Sign Traits
Nuwmont Manticore Cunning, ardent, brave
Vatermont Hydra Shrewd, self-centred, resourceful
Thaumont Centaur Vigorous, strong, generous
Flaurmont Basilisk Robust, passionate, domineering
Yarthmont Chimera Confident, charismatic, possessive
Klarmont Gorgon Reserved, private, studious
Felmont Griffon Warm, practical, steadfast
Fyrmont Dragon Ambitious, cold, independent
Ambyrmont Salamander Calm, practical, miserly
Sviftmont Pegasus Enterprising, flighty, imaginative
Eirmont Warrior Astute, efficient, courageous
Kaldmont Giant Selfish, strong, stubborn

Week Ascendency Traits
1st Sun Proud, authoritarian, predictable; leans toward Lawful alignment
2nd Land Earthly, steady, rational; leans toward Neutral alignment
3rd Sea Creative, mercurial, unpredictable; leans toward Chaotic alignment
4th Sky Philosophical, versatile, tempestuous; no particular alignment tendency

Time of Day Influence Traits
Sun is up Winds of Law Fortifies lawful temperaments; sways neutral disposition toward good; curbs chaotic personalities
Moon is up Winds of Chaos Undermines lawful tendencies; sways neutral disposition toward chaos; intensifies chaotic behaviour
Both are up Winds of Wisdom Tempers all dispositions with prudence, caution, common sense
Neither are up none Bodes either great luck or hardship for the child

Horoscope for AC 1015

Manticore: The Chimera Star in the House of the Manticore indicates it's time to create new opportunities for yourself. Your energy level will be high, so expect life to be upbeat, exciting, and full of adventure. This year also presents a turning point, and many new directions and goals should be pursued. If you're single and looking for action, be prepared to meet the love of your life.

Hydra: The Griffon Star in the House of the Hydra indicates that this year will run smoother. However, you must watch that your stubbornness doesn't get out-of-hand and cause you unnecessary disruption. Much excitement in is store for you, starting around the month of Fyrmont. Any unresolved issues should be finalised at that time. You're getting ready to make your debut and need to look your best!

Centaur: Having the Dragon Star in the House of the Centaur means that this is one of those years that you could find yourself being pushed and pulled in different directions. Try to keep your focus and not get overly distracted with your social life. Your high cycle is just beginning and many opportunities could come about in many unexpected ways. Any past pressures will now be released - so expect all the answers to come rolling in.

Basilisk: The Salamander Star in the House of the Basilisk means that you shouldn't expect miracles or the world to fall at your feet just because you aren't feeling loved. Being overly sensitive, it's best if you try to thicken your skin and not to take anything personally over the next year or two. Your professional life offers much challenge, so make sure you brush up on all your skills. This is not a year to leave anything to chance, especially if it involves a financial or career decision.

Chimera: With the Warrior Star in the House of the Chimera, this year will present you with roadblocks that may require certain adjustments on your part. People don't seem to be giving you what you want, so you must remain totally objective - without making a fuss. Patience and understanding will get you where you want to go. If you focus on what you want to bring into your life, many positive rewards will be yours, especially in Sviftmont and Eirmont.

Gorgon: The Hydra Star in the House of the Gorgon means that you should look both ways before getting yourself into trouble this year, especially around the full moons of each of the twelve months. Your bark may seem worse than your bite and you may find yourself rubbing others the wrong way - when you least expect it. This is a time to make use of gorgon studiousness to learn everything about any given situation to prevent you from taking a misstep.

Griffon: Having the Gorgon Star in the House of the Griffon means you'll be making a lot of decisions this year. It's that time again when you must come down from the mountains and face the facts. Felmont and Fyrmont may seem particularly harsh and confrontational, but in reality all that fire is actually helping you get what you want. Once you finally make up your mind and take a stand, the road will be cleared and you'll be able to achieve the best for yourself, both personally and professionally.

Dragon: The Manticore Star in the House of the Dragon means that moodiness may appear to get the better of you as the energy has shifted and put you to the test. Be especially careful of your moves in Vatermont as your opponents will check-mate you if you're not watching. Sharpen up your resources by using your powerful intuitive insight to plan for the later part of the year. This is when everything will be back on track and you'll feel like you're back in the game.

Salamander: With the Pegasus Star in the centre of the House of the Salamander, the growth cycle that you've been experiencing over the past few months will continue as you keep planning for your future and achieving your goals one step at a time. You're ready to blaze new trails and create new directions for yourself with much more confidence and self-esteem. Remember not to waste this year and don't do that salamander thing by ignoring your problems and hiding underneath a rock until they go away.

Pegasus: The Centaur Star in the House of the Pegasus means that the pressure's on and you're it! Taking on more responsibilities and proving yourself seem to be the themes you've made for this year. If it's a leadership position you want, play it cool for now and wait for a more auspicious time to make your move. This can be a period of realising that your efforts may not have gone exactly the way you want and you may have to completely revamp your approach.

Warrior: Having the Basilisk Star in the House of the Warrior indicates that stability and balance are what you should be seeking, especially in Ambyrmont. Anything you initiate this year will be accomplished with a minimal amount of difficulty and effort. Romantically, if you're interested in playing the field, Thaumont and Klarmont will bring you lots of fun and games.

Giant: The Giant Star in the House of the Giant means that this is your year. Keep working on the plans you've initiated and spend the year finalising whatever needs to be altered in your life. The planetary energies are revitalising your energy and keeping your spirits high, especially around Klarmont. This is your year to show off and be recognised for all your previous accomplishments. Don't be afraid to step out into centre stage and take that risk, regardless how apprehensive you feel.