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The Mystaran Year

Mystaran Calendar

Most Mystaran calendars consist of twelve months of 28 days each. These months are divided into 4 weeks of 7 days. Each day of the week has a name, but the weeks themselves do not.
Day Date
Lunadain 1 NM 8 FQ 15 FM 22 LQ
Gromdain 2 9 16 23
Tserdain 3 10 17 24
Moldain 4 11 18 25
Nytdain 5 12 19 26
Loshdain 6 13 20 27
Soladain 7 14 21 28

NM = New Moon, FQ = First Quarter, FM = Full Moon, LQ = Last Quarter.

Most nations have adopted the Thyatian calendar, which is dated from the crowning of their first emperor, Zendrolion Tatriokanitas. It is currently the year After Crowning 1018 (AC 1018).

The name of the months and days depends on the nation. A few examples for the months follow
Season Thyatis Five Shires Ethengar Rockhome


midwinter Nuwmont* Clabbas* Amai Wharlin Nyxmir
late winter


Vuuldiir Hiskmai Morlin Amphimir
early spring Thaumont Maehin Yalmai Hralin* Alphamir*
middle spring Flaurmont Odelin Haimai Hwyrlin Sulamir
late spring Yarthmont Gondulrim Kevamai Styrlin Sudmir
early summer Klarmont Mithintle Seimai Bahrlin Vertmir
midsummer Felmont Goldaun Lingmai Buhrlin Tslamir**
late summer Fyrmont Fyrtal Tringmai Klintin Andrumir
early fall Ambyrmont Aumbyr Demai Barrlin Cyprimir
middle fall Sviftmont Ssantiir Chagai* Biflin Hastmir
late fall Eirmont Tembiir Rinpoch Jhyrlin Eimir
early winter Kaldmont Dauntil Komai Kuldlin Burymir

*: marks the first day of the year.

**: called Islamir in common Alphatian.

Horoscope for AC 1018

It is the dismal duty of the almanac to announce that this will be the last year of the annual horoscopes of Madame Feliona of Nouvelle Averoigne. The esteemed fortune-teller of Glantri passed away last year, killed outside her parlour during the conflicts with religious zealots in Glantri City, now referred to as the Alexander Day Massacre.

Previous correspondence with Madame Feliona revealed that she had been greatly troubled, because of mysterious inconsistencies in her astrological calculations and the celestial phenomenon that had only recently become apparent-and how ominously they bode for the future. Whether these troubles were for her own personal fortune, or whether they hold true to the rest of Mystara remains to be seen, but her horoscopes this year are markedly grim and disturbing.

Gentle readers should note that Madame Feliona never actually had a chance to officially submit these readings, but rather they were taken from unfinished drafts and personal writings before her demise.

Manticore: In this first House of the Manticore, there lies the first anomaly! Based on my calculations, the Warrior Star should have entered the next House of the Hydra by the middle of Kaldmont; yet upon observations, this unwelcome guest will not complete its transit until three weeks in the new year! Not only will the hostile Warrior Star sabotage the beginning year and all your new endeavours at their onset, but this astronomical aberration bodes particularly ominous, since it hints of the tampering by powers high above mortal ken. The Manticore Star in the neutral House of the Pegasus has little consequence to this baleful portent.

Hydra: The inimical Dragon Star invades the House of the Hydra at the start of this ill-omened year, impelling you to coldly accomplish a single task at the expense of other aspects of your life. Be mindful of your home, if you find yourself always at work; similarly, do not abandon your profession simply to attend to domestic matters. On the other hand, as the Hydra Star itself risks hostile ground in the House of the Chimera, you may find yourself taking on too many responsibilities with no clear purpose or with no hope of completing any of them. It is not impossible that you find yourself in both predicaments at one time or another. Beware the full moon of Eirmont!

Centaur: Perhaps the sign least affected by the balefulness of this year is the Centaur (always blessed by the Sun-Prince Ixion, who rules this sign!), and yet you are not without your troubles. The House of the Centaur is void, leaving you to your own devices. But the dynamic Centaur Star finds its transit in the House of the Giant cold and dispiriting. The death of a close relative or the end of a loving relationship will occur, perhaps not unexpectedly, but your pain and suffering will run deep. Try not to let this cast a shadow over your sunny disposition. The solar eclipse in Klarmont will mark a major transformation in your sense of self and identity.

Basilisk: Although the House of the Basilisk was expected to be void this year, a strange star has been observed transiting through it. Initially thought to have been the Basilisk Star, it turned out to be a totally different heavenly body altogether (believed by some astrologers to be the mysterious comet Hel). I have dubbed it the Spectre Star, for its sudden appearance from nowhere-and its occasional unpredicted disappearances from the night sky! Its significance remains to be seen, but it is unlikely to be favourable. The passionate Basilisk Star is incompatible in the conservative House of the Griffon, meaning your true emotions and heartfelt desires will be much repressed this year, and yet may explode in a most fiery and most hazardous manner.

Chimera: Though ordinarily confident in your abilities and your possessions, with the chaotic Hydra Star exploding into the House of the Chimera, you may find yourself frantically grabbing at attention, approval, and affection from others. Jealousies and insecurities will run high throughout the summer months, building up to the autumn equinox. Be careful not to antagonise your partners in love and in business by neurotic possessiveness. The Chimera Star in the allied House of the Warrior will grant you astute insight into who you are, what you can do, and what is rightfully yours. A long trip of courage and wisdom is imminent, be it travelling across the world or a journey of the mind and soul.

Gorgon: Double jeopardy will strike the Gorgon this year, as the unfriendly Salamander Star enters the House of the Gorgon and the Gorgon Star ventures into the inhospitable House of the Salamander. Though these two signs were previously compatible, the major shift in the configuration of the stars have caused them to be unfavourably aligned against each other, emphasising their most detrimental qualities. Watch out for hedging and indecisiveness, typical of the Salamander, which will disrupt your privacy and your studies. If possible, you must avoid making final and conclusive decisions, though if done in Klarmont (the month of the Gorgon) or Ambyrmont (the month of the Salamander), you will be open to unexpected benefits.

Griffon: Two opposing stars in the House of the Griffon will adversely challenge you this year: The airy Pegasus Star will blow down your steadfast routines and practicality, while the fiery Basilisk Star will stoke your passions and desires to wild excesses. Many new flights of fancy will fly into your imagination, intensified by the Griffon Star in the House of the Pegasus, but do not pursue them impulsively, especially when you are merely driven by your emotions or lured by worldly indulgences. Nothing substantial will come of it (after all, fire and air only make hot air!). Romantic entanglements will be exciting, exhausting, but ultimately, unfulfilling.

Dragon: The House of the Dragon is void, but this vacuum is ill tainted by the transit of the Dragon Star in the opposing House of the Hydra. Plots and projects this year, no matter how well laid out, will face sudden upheavals and reversals-and not just from one side. The challenge of the ambitious and single-minded Dragon is to be more like its antagonist, the resourceful and many-headed Hydra, and this is not an easy task. Expect much loss in matters of money and relationships. Your health will be at its worst in Vatermont, but may not improve until the end of spring.

Salamander: This is a year of twists and turns for the Salamander, many of which will eventually lead to nothing-save perhaps distract you from your ultimate goals. And remember the Salamanders have a tendency of being wishy-washy! With the homebody Gorgon Star in the House of the Salamander vis--vis the Salamander Star in the comfortable House of the Gorgon, your tendency might be just to stay at home and do nothing. The key here is balance and justice. Do not invest your entire fortune, only that which you can afford to lose or hope to gain. Do not attempt to fight all battles, only those that you are assured of victory or minimal loss. And do not take advantage of the misfortune of others, for where they fail, you will surely fail too.

Pegasus: The bold Manticore Star roaring in the House of the Pegasus heralds new beginnings in your life. However, with the hostile Griffon Star also in your house and your Pegasus Star in the hostile House of the Griffon, there will be much difficulty in making these ventures last for the long term, or becoming a routine part of your life (not that the imaginative and flighty Pegasus can ever be routine!). Short-range ventures for easy money, quick trips for fun and leisure, or even a momentary fling to keep you warm on those cold winter nights, will be quite agreeable with you this year. But matters that require more permanence and security, such as marriage and a new home, will end in ruin.

Warrior: Another error in my previous calculations bodes ill for the Warrior. The Warrior Star travels to hostile territory in the House of the Manticore, warning of brashness and impulsive behaviour, likely to lead to harm. A minor illness will prove troublesome in early spring, and will eventually require major healing by the summer solstice. Attend to any old hankering injuries now-or it may need more severe or radical attention in the future. Also, be careful in dealing with sharp or heavy objects and highly charged magical items. Accidents are likely to occur, particularly before the full moon in Vatermont. The friendly Chimera Star in the Warrior House foretells a small gift of money or inheritance will come to you at the end of the year-perhaps to ease your medical expenses.

Giant: The ominous visitors of the House of the Giant at the beginning of the year are the native Giant Star (ruled by Thanatos) and the hostile Centaur Star (ruled by Ixion). The opposing natures of these two stars mark a year of intense, penetrating, often painful, exploration of the darker aspects of your life. It will be a time to face deep fears and long-standing hurts-be they physical or emotional. Death will also be a grim theme this year for the Giant, whether actual physical death of some one dear, the death of a destructive relationship or habit, or death of illusions and lies, as the Centaur Star shines its harsh garish light of truth. A moment of reprieve will be had with the Klarmont solar eclipse, but the Giant will definitely not survive this year unscathed!