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New Alphatian Confederate Empire (NACE)

This document is a vulgarisation of the constitution of the Confederation (the original version contains many juridical terms), to be used mainly at schools to teach Alphatian students the organisation of the country they live in. Readers interested in the original document of AY 2012 and its addendum of AY 2014 can consult them at the library of the Parliament on Ionace (with a special permission) or try to search for a copy at their local library.

Political Structure

The Confederation is composed of semi-autonomous states.

The Confederation is governed by a Council in the name of Empress Eriadna of Alphatia or her heir.

Composition of the Council: Each member state has one vote, regardless of size, population level, etc. The voting person is normally the king or queen (or the person holding power) of the country, or his/her representative if he/she cannot attend. Every member state must thus keep a permanent staff of representatives.

Anyone present during a council meeting may ask that the Council discusses on any matter, and then call for a vote. A council meeting is held at the demand of a member state. Votes pass if the majority of the representatives vote for it. In case of a deadlock, the Commander in Chief decides whether the measure passes or not. Any measure that would change the Confederation's Constitution must be accepted with unanimous approval.

A state wanting to become member of the NACE has to state to the Council it is candidate for membership. A council meeting is organized to discuss and vote on this matter. The state is accepted as a new member if all current members vote for it. A state wanting to leave the NACE has to convoke a council meeting for this purpose. The state can part from the Confederation if all members vote for it. If a state declares independence from the Confederation without obtaining the right to do so, it becomes a renegade state, and the Confederation may decide to intervene to restore its claim on it, be it military, politically, or otherwise.

Seat of Government

The commonly called Monster Island, formerly part of Alphatia, was claimed by nobody until the creation of the NACE. It thereby becomes the centre of the confederate government, and is renamed the Isle of the NACE, or Ionace.

The Council holds meeting in a dedicated building on Ionace, called the Parliament. Each member state is granted a patch of land adjacent to the Parliament where they can build their own Representation. Staff of representatives live and work in their Representation and meet in the Parliament. Countries that keep diplomatic ties with the NACE will also be granted land on Ionace, where they can build an Embassy. Representations and Embassies are paid by the countries to which they belong. The Imperial Army is based on Ionace, where it owns buildings, including the Military Headquarters where the Commander in Chief has his office.

Until the buildings are completed in Ionace, the government, military and other institutions of the NACE will be assigned currently unoccupied buildings in the abandoned city of Denwarf-Hurgon.

Military Structure

All armies of the member states are under control of the Confederation. The Confederation can also raise its own army (i.e. independent from any state), called the Imperial Army, and use the service of mercenary troops.

The Commander in Chief, appointed by the Council, is in command of the military.

Member states must spend at least 10% of their national tax income to the upkeep of their army, in the name of the Confederation. Exemption may be granted on a case by case basis, with the approval of the Council and the Commander in Chief.


Member states must hand over 10% of their collected taxes to the Imperial Treasury. This tax is collected quarterly, on the 1st of the months of Alphamir (Thaumont), Vertmir (Klarmont), Cyprimir (Ambyrmont), and Burymir (Kaldmont), for the preceding period.

A new state must pay upon entrance into the Confederation what would be due for the current period (even though it corresponds to a previous period, when it was not yet member) as a sign of good will, then its taxes are collected following the normal cycle.

A state leaving the Confederation must first immediately pay the tax corresponding to the current period before it is allowed to leave; this tax is equal to that it paid for the previous period.

The Council decides the way the money in the Imperial Treasury is spent. Common uses include (but are not limited to) : upkeep of Imperial Army, hiring of mercenary troops, maintenance of governmental buildings, funding of research programs (magic, scientific, medical, etc.), aid to member states (loans, gifts, etc.).

Laws and Justice and Festivals

Each member state can decide on its national laws, as long as they do not go against the Imperial Laws. Imperial Laws must be enforced in member states. Justice is held by each member state as it sees fit.

All schools and colleges within the Confederation must follow the old Alphatian calendar, i.e. opening on Alphamir (Thaumont) 15 and closing on Burymir (Kaldmont) 15. A Hard-Ball tournament is organized by the Confederation each year. Each member state is invited to participate in the tournament; other countries may be invited as guests, as a sign of friendship between that country and the Confederation.

The following festivals and holidays are common to all members of the Confederation; each member state can add its national festivals and holidays.

Original Members of the NACE (Founders of the New Alphatian Empire)

Current Members of the NACE