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Timeline for the New Alphatian Empire, AC 1013

Here is a recap of major events that took place in the year AC 1013 which were only given a brief mention in last year's Almanac.

NUWMONT 2, AC 1013: Assault on Blackrock

Location: Skyfyr, Blackrock, Esterhold Peninsula. KW

Description: The combined forces of Seashield and Bellissaria, under the direction of Commander in Chief Broderick, invade Blackrock on the Esterhold Peninsula. Numerous troops disembark from submersible galleys in Skyfyr's harbour, while ships disgorge more troops at the outer limits of the city and in other strategic places all around the kingdom. At the same time, the rebels, warned of the incoming assault by Favian Vern, again leave their underground hideouts and participate in the attack with arms supplied by Commander Broderick.

What This Means: With the full military and magical support of all member kingdoms of the New Alphatian Empire, Commander Broderick should swiftly put an end to King Xanthus's oppressive rule in the city of Skyfyr.

NUWMONT 7, AC 1013: Pegataurs Recognised

Location: Floating Ar. KW

Description: King Qissling finally accepts to recognise the pegataurs - winged half-elven centaurs - as full citizens of Floating Ar.

What This Means: After many strikes that have prevented most transportation between the floating isles or with the other nations - skyships and magic do not suffice - the government has been forced to accede to the pegataurs' request. The life of most pegataurs will not change much, however, since most of them will continue to serve as transports for hire. Those that are wizards are now nobles, and some adventurous fighters enlist in the so far nearly-nonexistent army of the isles.

NUWMONT 10, AC 1013: Combat in Blackrock

Location: Skyfyr, Blackrock, Esterhold Peninsula. KW

Description: Fighting continues in the streets of Skyfyr.

Despite the ongoing onslaught of the more numerous troops of the New Alphatian Empire, King Xanthus's loyal troops stand firm - they were prepared for the invasion.

Though it is not completely repaired, Xanthus's flying man-o-war participates in the defence of the city and the palace. Part of the city is no more under his control, however, as is most of the country outside of Skyfyr.

NUWMONT 14, AC 1013: Xanthus Asks for Help

Location: Faraway, Verdan, Esterhold Peninsula. KW

Description: King Xanthus's top adviser, Bargle, meets King Nicodemus of Verdan. He asks him to commit troops to the defence of Blackrock, for, he says, if Blackrock falls, so will Verdan. King Nicodemus answers he has no troops to spare, since he himself has problems with rebellious Jennites. Moreover, Broderick's troops block all routes between the two countries: Verdan navy is no match for the Alphatian ships and submersibles, and the inland roads are under Broderick's control.

NUWMONT 23, AC 1013: Location for New Capital Chosen

Location: Aquas. KW

Description: The New Alphatian Council decides that they should have a new capital which is easier to reach for commoners than Aquas, yet still be a hard place to invade.

After much deliberation, Monster Island is chosen as a likely spot. The island is inhabited by monsters and rugged terrain, which makes it hard to invade. As well, the abandoned dwarven city of Denwarf-Hurgon makes the perfect defensive position. The location is also agreed upon as it belongs to none of the kingdoms of the New Alphatian Empire, making it the ideal neutral grounds.

Work forces are ordered to start rebuilding the ruined city and immediately set out for Sanctuary, the miner-town currently located on Monster Island.

What This Means: The Alphatians are about to put a more stable force unto the still officially unclaimed island.

NUWMONT 23, AC 1013: Skyship Produced in Aeria

Location: Aeria, Alatian Islands. KW

Description: The first skyship is launched in the skies of Aeria since it was freed from Thyatian rule. It is a military skyship, something that will be very useful to Commander Broderick in his incoming military campaign in Esterhold.

What This Means: The skyship prototypes constructed by the magical college for the Thyatians these last years had been systematically sabotaged by Alphatian loyalists. Now that Aeria has been granted independence, they have stopped their sabotages, and thanks to the research done under Thyatian's control, the first Aerian skyship can go on her maiden flight today. The New Alphatian Empire will now be able to make herself a new skyship fleet.

NUWMONT 25, AC 1013: Xanthus's Troops Retreat to Palace

Location: Skyfyr, Blackrock, Esterhold Peninsula. KW

Description: The remaining troops loyal to King Xanthus, hard pressed by Broderick's, retreat to the royal palace in Skyfyr, the last place they control. The rest of the city is now under Broderick's military control.

VATERMONT 1, AC 1013: Hard-Ball Season Cancelled

Location: Aquas. KW

Description: The Council of the New Alphatian Empire announces there will be no Hard-Ball season this year because few teams have had time to train, and the Super-Hard-Ball stadium is not ready in Sanctuary. All member states of the New Alphatian Empire are invited to form teams for the next year.

VATERMONT 2, AC 1013: Floating Ar Joins New Alphatian Empire

Location: Floating Ar. KW

Description: King Qissling of Floating Ar reportedly agrees to join the New Alphatian Empire.

What This Means: Floating Ar becomes the 8th country of the New Alphatian Council.

VATERMONT 9, AC 1013: Floating Ar Asks Permission to Move

Location: Aquas. KW

Description: King Qissling of Floating Ar asks the Council for permission to move the floating islands some 350 miles northeastward, right above the unclaimed Yannivey Islands, and use them to grow crops in the forthcoming years. The Council agrees.

What This Means: Since the disappearance of Alphatia, Floating Ar has been almost totally dependent on not-so-nearby states to get supplies - especially food. Realising the situation could not last forever - and fearing food shortage if a problem were to happen -, the king opted for that solution. The Yanniveys are a lawless land, sparsely inhabited by monsters and brigands.

VATERMONT 16, AC 1013: Blackrock Falls

Location: Skyfyr, Blackrock, Esterhold Peninsula. KW

Description: The last of King Xanthus's troops in Skyfyr surrender to Commander Broderick. Xanthus himself escapes to sanctuary in Verdan, where King Nicodemus prepares his own troops for the expected invasion by the New Alphatian forces. Commander Broderick designates Favian Vern as governor of the country for all non- military aspects, until the Alphatian Council elects a new king.

VATERMONT 19, AC 1013: A New King for Blackrock

Location: Skyfyr, Blackrock, Esterhold Peninsula. KW

Description: The Alphatian Council names Favian Vern King of Blackrock. As his first official act, King Favian declares all Jennite natives of Esterhold free - no longer are they to be slaves or denied Alphatian citizenship. There is much rejoicing in the streets of Skyfyr. Chaos soon follows as the various strata of Blackrock society adjust to the new order - but King Favian and his appointed government prove themselves equal to each new challenge.

What This Means: King Favian receives financial, as well as military and political, support from the Council.

FLAURMONT 22, AC 1013: Alpha Joins New Alphatian Empire

Location: Alpha, Norwold. KW

Description: King Ericall declares Alpha is the 10th member of the Alphatian Council.

What This Means: Ericall thinks this is the best defence against the Heldannic progression. He asks for troops in exchange.

THAUMONT 4, AC 1013: Floating Ar Flies North

Location: Floating Ar. KW

Description: Floating Ar begins its long trip north to the Yannivey Islands.

What This Means: This involves much magic, especially aerial magic. Wizards from all over the New Alphatian Empire participate, since it is a great occasion to improve their knowledge of aerial magic and the way mortal magic interacts with immortal magic (i.e. the Isles themselves). The magical college of Aeria also throws in its knowledge, despite the vast amount of resources plundered during Thyatian domination.

The trip will not be without a problem, however, since many powerful wizards of Ar continue their dangerous experiments while their estates are being moved.

YARTHMONT 10, AC 1013: Thothia Joins New Alphatian Empire

Location: Edairo, Thothia, Isle of Dawn. KW

Description: Pharaoh Ramenhotep XXIV of Thothia signs a treaty granting him a seat on the New Alphatian Council and adding Thothia to the New Alphatian Empire. The Pharaoh also declares that Aeria, East Portage, Ekto and Trikelios are now independent from Thothia, but they also join the Empire.

What This Means: The New Alphatian Council has five new members, and gains a firm presence on the Isle of Dawn. The three small kingdoms on the Isle of Dawn are granted financial aid by the Council to help in the rebuilding after the war.

YARTHMONT 27, AC 1013: Alpha Gets Extra Troops

Location: Alpha, Norwold. KW

Description: After joining the New Alphatian Empire, King Ericall asked for more troops to help him stand ground against further Heldannic incursions. Commander Broderick dispatches some available units in Alpha.

What This Means: Ericall does not intend to use these troops offensively - he already finds it difficult just defending the few territories that remain loyal to him. He hopes the Heldannic Knights will see this as a sign that the New Alphatian Empire will back him if they should invade.

KLARMONT 19, 1013: Capital Completed

Location: Sanctuary, Monster Island. KW

Description: The new Parliament building, that will from now on hold the Alphatian Council's meetings, is completed. Several blocks around the Parliament have also been rebuilt and are ready for habitation. It is located near the city of old Denwarf-Hurgon, and most of the Representations and Embassies are still temporarily assigned to buildings in the dwarven city.

The Council has yet to decide on a new name for the capital city.

What This Means: This location has been chosen because many of the buildings of Denwarf-Hurgon remained fully functional despite the sinking of Alphatia and the numerous earthquakes. Upper Denwarf-Hurgon has been freed of monsters, and its buildings may be used by the Council as it sees fit. The construction of the Parliament made heavy use of magic, both to speed up the process and to secure the building from magical scrying, uncontrolled teleportation, and such.

FYRMONT 12, AC 1013: Earthquake in the Alphatian Sea

Location: Alphatian Sea and surrounding countries.

Description: A more powerful than usual earthquake in the Alphatian Sea makes some damages in Sanctuary, and doesn't help in the redigging of the Pit on Aegos either.

What This Means: Minor earthquakes happen quite often since the sinking of Alphatia, but it has been some time since the last major one. Sages still work on discovering when this will end - or at least on predicting the major ones. As Sanctuary is near the epicentre, the earthquake causes important damage there: mnemonic mineral mines collapse, hastily-built buildings in the city of Sanctuary don't resist, but the dwarven-built Denwarf-Hurgon and the most recent official buildings and houses do resist.

What the PCs Can Do: Well-equipped rescue teams are needed and may well find themselves trapped by further collapses caused by minor earthquakes the following days.

AMBYRMONT 3, AC 1013: Floating Ar Drops Anchor

Location: New Floating Ar position, above the Yannivey Islands. KW

Description: Floating Ar has completed its relocation to the Yanniveys. Those who helped are rewarded as promised. King Qissling declares the Yannivey Islands are now part of Floating Ar; everyone can help in gaining effective control of the land. Those who seize control of land and register to the royal palace are automatically granted that land; if they are name-level spellcasters they also gain a title in the process. Territory seized by troops dispatched by the New Alphatian Empire, or by mercenaries hired by King Qissling, become property of the crown. Commander Broderick recalls some troops from Blackrock for the occasion.

What the PCs Can Do: This is a formidable opportunity for high-level PCs to gain dominions, and titles if they happen to be spellcasters. They will soon discover that they are not viewed as equals by wizards who own an estate on the floating islands. Even if the PCs are low-level, they can find employment as mercenaries.