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The Domain of Narvendul

by Jacob Skytte

Narvendul is not officially recognised as a domain of Ostland. It is a secret island that is located somewhere within 50 miles of the northern or western shores of Ostland. The isle is magical, able to change its location once a month. This means that Narvendul is practically impossible to find. Narvendul isn't some sort of floating island; it is quite firmly anchored to the sea bottom, which is why it has to stay in the relatively shallow waters north or west of Ostland. Narvendul is a rock; no farming, logging or other industries take place here. Outsiders are never welcome and will be killed or captured on sight. Narvendul has no raiders in the traditional sense.

Head of Domain: Ala the Seawitch is the undisputed ruler of Narvendul. She resides in the Tower of Narvendul.

Population: Some 50 creatures live in Narvendul. These all reside in Ala's tower. They are all armed and able to defend themselves. The creatures Ala employs includes lizard men, thouls and various undead.


The tower is a three-story affair built out of stone blocks. Beneath the tower is a secret cave, where Ala keeps a longship docked. The cave has a secret gate that allows the ship to enter and leave, but is not obvious from the outside. The lowest floor of the tower is home to Ala's weakest minions. The middle floor houses Ala and her personal henchmen. The top floor contains Ala's scrying chamber, laboratory and secret rooms.

Ala the Seawitch

Chaotic 23rd level Magic-User (Str 12, Int 18, Wis 12, Dex 16, Con 13, Cha 16, AC 2/0 vs. missile weapons, hp 52)

Personality Traits: Cautious/Rash 18/2, Modest/Proud 3/17, Forgiving/Vengeful 4/16, Trusting/Suspicious 4/16, Dogmatic/Open-Minded 5/15

52 years old, Black unbound hair, Green eyes

Ala wasn't always known as the Seawitch. Long ago she was the daughter of the former king of Ostland and Hord Dark-Eye's older sister. Ala desired the throne of Ostland for herself, but since she did not do well at swordplay, she turned to sorcery. When her father discovered this, she was banished from the Court of Cnute. Embittered, Ala made her way to Vestland, where she learned many magical arts before she returned to claim what she saw as her birthright. She created the magical isle of Narvendul and started plotting how to overthrow her brother, who had by this time inherited the throne. Ala's plans were thwarted some 15 years ago, when her attempt to take the throne of Vestland by stealing the body of its crown prince using a magic jar spell was foiled (see X13: Crown of Ancient Glory for details).

When it was revealed to king Hord that his sister was behind this attempted coup, he sent out adventurers to insure that she had really died and if not, to slay the Seawitch. Ala took advantage of this possibility and staged her own death. The adventurers returned to Hord with the good news of the Seawitch's death, and Hord has by now all but forgotten about her. Ala, however, has not forgotten Hord.

The Seawitch has one single, driving ambition: She wishes to wrest the throne of Ostland from her brother's hands. Being a very careful individual, Ala takes her time to reach her goal. She devises elaborate plans and searches for allies in the unlikeliest of places. The Seawitch is extremely secretive. Her island is known only to a select few and she typically acts through middlemen or in a variety of disguises and constructed personas. Ala is often the real power behind any troubles in Ostland, she does anything she can to undermine the rule of king Hord. She has made contact with several of Hord's enemies, for instance she does what she can to fuel the feud between Hord and the Ostman clans, led by jarl Thorir the Wealthy. She is also in contact with Bera the Pale, the high priestess of Hel in Romaland, though she is very cautious in dealing with so powerful a lady. Ala worships Hel, but does not wish to risk becoming subservient to Bera.

Ala owns numerous magical treasures that she has stolen, bought or created herself. On her person she carries the following items at most times: A ring of spell-storing that always contains a teleport spell for use in escaping trouble, a ring of invisibility, a staff of wizardry, an amulet of protection from crystal balls and ESP, and a dagger+4; speeding. She also keeps a crystal ball with clairaudience in her scrying chamber. Ala has permanent shield and water breathing spells cast on herself.

Though she is getting on in age and has already felt the ravages of time on her body, Ala still has many years to accomplish her goal. She has had lovers over the years, mostly from among her retainers, but she has no desire for a husband and children.

Spells usually carried:

1st level: Analyse, Charm Person, Light, Magic Missile, Read Magic, Sleep

2nd level: Detect Invisible, ESP, Knock, Levitate, Mirror Image, Web

3rd level: Dispel Magic, Fire Ball, Hold Person, Invisibility 10' Radius, Lightning Bolt, Protection from Evil 10' Radius

4th level: Charm Monster (x2), Ice Storm/Wall of Ice, Polymorph Other, Curse, Wall of Fire

5th level: Animate Dead, Cloudkill, Feeblemind, Magic Jar, Teleport

6th level: Death Spell, Geas, Invisible Stalker, Wall of Iron

7th level: Delayed Blast Fireball, Power Word Stun, Reverse Gravity

8th level: Force Field, Mass Charm, Power Word Blind

9th level: Power Word Kill, Timestop


Chaotic Phantom; Apparition (Int 13, HD 10, AC 0, hp 67)

Personality Traits: Peaceful/Violent 1/19, Forgiving/Vengeful 1/19

Appears as a semi-transparent thin, dark man with hollow, lifeless eyes

Curlow was Ala's chief henchman in life. He was the only one Ala trusted completely. In return for his faithful service Ala granted him eternal life...sort of. The Seawitch turned Curlow into an apparition, a frightful undead servant, to serve as guardian of her most important treasures. The transformation to undeath has left Curlow a very changed man. He now exists only to inflict suffering upon others. If he could, he would destroy his creator, but she is the only one he can't harm. Curlow occupies the top floor of the tower, where he prevents outsiders as well as Ala's followers from entering.

As an apparition, Curlow has all the powers associated with phantoms and apparitions. Further, his claws are filthy and corrupted; anyone struck by them must save vs. spells or suffer from the Black Plague.

Black Plague

One of the most dreaded diseases. Outbreaks typically occur a few times each century in Heldann. Symptoms are pale skin, sweat, a black swollen tongue and oozing buboes. The afflicted loses 1d6 points from all stats and dies within a week if not cured.