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Map of Nastoreth

by Geoff Gander

Where exactly would it be placed on the Arm of the Immortals?

It would be pretty much near the southernmost tip. I wouldn't see more than a few more rows of hexes south of the map before hitting the ocean.

Some notes for the map....

The Wall of Faces is set at the southern end of a broad, hilly valley that winds its way steadily up into the mountains. Ages ago, someone carved a series of huge reptilian faces into the rock wall, and sanded and polished down the rest to make it as smooth as marble. The river comes out of the mouth of the largest face. There is no sign of habitation anywhere around here. Explorers from Nastoreth have visited the Wall, but the Allking has forbidden settlement for the time being.

The Nameless Tower predates the Y'hog Carnifex; it is built on a mountaintop (which had been shaved off cleanly) and is vaguely reminiscent of typical Carnifex architecture, but is somehow simpler. The tower itself is about 200 feet wide at its base and measures roughly 800 feet tall, and is intact. The hilly valley below the tower (which is accessible to the lowlands via a narrow pass) is unknown to most people in Nastoreth, but some high-ranking clerics visit the region at specific times during the year to perform ceremonies. The tower itself, however, is off-limits.