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Nature's Revenge

by John Hare

This mercenary group is made up of druids, rangers and animals. Including many awakened animals. They prefer to attack in wooded areas whenever possible. Their leader is a lvl 12 elven druid from Alfheim, and their goal is to protect nature and the environment. The normally use their gold to buy land, upon which they prevent hunting. When they do go to war in a straight up fight their units of armoured bears are used as shock troops, wolves are used as flankers and harass horse troops, and hawks and eagles are used as scouts. They do have difficulty when faced with missile troops, thus magically summoned creatures are sent in first to cover the main attack. With the number of druids the have, they can almost always retreat in good order with well placed spike stones, wall of thorns or similar spells.

They originally held land inside Alfheim itself, but were driven out when the Shadow Elves took over. Now they are based out of Darokin, but have not decided to settle there, as most of the animals find it too civilised for their tastes. They are negotiating with Karameikos and The Five Shires to establish a stronghold/nature preserve, whether they manage to do that depends on how much coin they can bring to the table. Due to the make up of this mercenary company, they very rarely take any job which would require them to be stationed inside a town, but will take almost any job which deals with raids or other quick strikes. They are also good at infiltration, especially with druids using Wild Shape to appear as horses, ponies or other draft creatures.