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    Welcome traveler!

    This site brings you a collection of maps of Mystara made by Darkblood (me). You can get to the maps bellow, but let me start with a bit of history.

    This website was created in 2000 (in the 20th century!) when I felt the need to have good quality maps of Mystara on the web. Back then people didn't yet dream of having PDFs for sale and the original stuff was hard to get, I only owned one or two of the Gazetteers and some other stuff. Of course there were good Mystaran cartographers around (Thibault Sarlat and Geoff Gander come to mind, but the whole gang is listed in my thanks page), but either they did it by hand or using some hex-mapping software (which were quite crude at the time). I felt we needed some fan-made stuff that looked like the gazetteers, also I wanted to have a big map that was consistently set after the Wrath of the Immortals (to be precise I set it in AC1011). So I geared up with my Photoshop 5.0, downloaded every single fan-made map I could find and put up this introduction to see if I could get some help information-wise.

    I soon got much help, Tim Roberts scanned all maps he had and sent me (remember we had dial-up connections and crappy scanners) and Leigh Witney actually packed all his Gazetteer's maps and sent them to Brazil! The maps kept rolling out in a slow but sure pace and it was a good time.

    By the end of 2001 and the whole of 2002 I was too tangled up with real life stuff that the site had come to a crawl. My personal collection of Mystara stuff had much increased, the NET was getting faster and the software better but I simply didn't have the time to profit from it all. I felt that I didn't deserve honors such as being listed in Shawn's Vault of Pandius links page as "Great Sites", I felt that the project should be much bigger.

    But then again, around 2005, Thorfinn Tait entered the mapping scene with a bang. His maps were much better than mine and he was putting them out at such dizzying rates that I simply thought: "that's it, the navigator is obsolete", and not with a sour feeling, it was good to see someone doing most of what I wanted to do all along. But one way or another I lost the drive to keep telling people that "one day I will resume my mapping project". I tried to cooperate with Thorfinn and he was very receptive to the idea, but soon after more real life crashed into my way and I didn't want to hamper the guy. Good to see he's still rolling to this day.

    Now we are in 2009. All the scripts here crash with the new browsers and the counter doesn't turn anymore. The web is so much faster and display so much better that people will ask you "why did you cut this maps in such small pieces?!?!". Now geocities just announced it is going out of web-hosting business and I, despite being no more than a lurker in Mystaran community with a long comatose website, caught myself not wanting to see it go into oblivion.

    Happily I just got word from Shawn that he'll host the Navigator. I hope it is still useful in more than a historically-interesting kind of way .

    One never knows... Maybe one day, when I finally get that Full Faculty position I'm running after and slow the pace down a little  I'll get back to mapping. I know I don't lack new ideas... Till then, enjoy your navigation!

Long live Mystara!



    My maps follow the pattern bellow:


Map: That's where my masterpieces stand.

Navigation Arrows: By clicking this you will be taken to the next adjacent map in the chosen direction.

Key Symbols: I tried to follow TSR's pattern (players are used to it).

New Key Symbols: Symbols that apply only to the map currently being displayed.

    Some of the maps have links themselves, this links will lead to the same map with some comments. The main reason of that is to show "doubt regions". Doubt regions will appear with a red mist over then and these are regions that I had to created myself based on maps in other scales, there will be also a text showing in which map the region is based.

Enough Talking!

    You will choose your starting point, from there you can navigate around Mystara's outer world (at least to the places I already mapped -see the progress so far).

    See also MY THANKS PAGE.

Start the navigation!

Start the navigation !

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