I'd like to thank very much everyone that helped me in this project, including, but not limited to:

Thibault Sarlat (mystara.fr.st)- For his continued support to my site and for his wonderfull collection of maps.

Tim Roberts (Realms of Mystara)- For his wonderfull help in scanning many of the gazetteers' maps

Leigh Witney (---)- The guy who, in a great leap of faith, actually lent me some of his maps sending them across the ocean!

And also:

Shawn Stanley - for the Vaults of Pandius, the biggest and more complete Mystara website out there. (AND NOW FOR HOSTING MY SITE)

Marco Dalmonte (Marco´s Mystara Homepage)- For creating the Mystara Webring

To Tim Roberts (again), Geoff Gander, Thibault Sarlat (again), Paul Holroyd, Andrew Theisen, Christian Constantin, James A. Mishler, Havard R. Faanes and everybody else involved in mapping mystara on the net.

And finally:

To the MML and everyone keeping our beloved Mystara going on. LONG LIVE MYSTARA!