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Nidavellir and Helheim

by Robin

For this discussion on Svartalfheim I created the Planet of Nidavellir and Helheim.

Svartalfheim is the northern part, directed with its pole much more to the sun than real world Earth or Mystara
The location are from RL legends and from the discussion
I searched a while, then made a handdrawn map(i will reveal that later), with this I searched for planet images, found this one which did fit like a glove for the northern planet part, slightly altered it, and added the locations
The southernpart , especially the pole is always greatly in the dark, while the northern pole is mostly always lit. The seasonal wobble give only 2 days of night in winter, which is rarely more than twilight.
The southern part aka Helheim is mostly much darker, although it knows day and night. The shadow of Hvergemir makes it due the lower positioning angle of the planet much darker and gloomier.
I am working on a Helheim map, similar like this