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Neatharum (Kingdom of, a.k.a. Alphatian Neatharum)

Location: Continent of Iciria, Hollow World.

Area: 95,609 sq. mi. (247,627 sq. km.).

Population: 33,000: 11,000 Alphatians (including 500 gnomes and 500 dwarves) and 22,000 Neathar (Nogai tribe).

Languages: Alphatian (official), Neathar.

Coinage: Crown (gp), mirror (sp), judge (cp).

Taxes: 15% income tax on everyone of servant status or higher.

Government Type: Semiautonomous monarchy owing loyalty to the imperial throne (presently under imperial governor administration).

Industries: Military, raiding, agriculture.

Important Figures: Ezreilla (Governess, human female, M17), Trikard (Commander of Neatharum Army, human, male, C17).

Flora and Fauna: As with most jungle environs in the Hollow World, Neatharum is covered with plants and animals native to tropical regions. Dinosaurs were once in abundance in this area; however, most have been hunted or pushed out into the more remote areas of the kingdom.

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Description by Dellebram.

Neatharum is part of the Alphatian Empire in the Hollow World. Had it not been geographically separated, it would have been included in the section detailing the other Alphatian kingdoms. In comparison to other Alphatian kingdoms Neatharum is rather backward. Regardless, it is an Alphatian kingdom, and the empire's toehold on the terrain below.

The Land

Neatharum is a jungle region on the continent of Iciria. The Alphatian presence has altered the region very little-the Alphatians have only razed certain areas to make room for the capital of Haldemar, the mining town of Dogrel, and a scattering of small farming communities. Though much jungle remains, the wilderness is far less threatening than before. Alphatian troops, mages, and adventurers have all contributed to eradicate any threats from the dinosaurs that once were abundant in the area.

The kingdom is ruled from the capital city of Haldemar. Little more than a town, the capital now boasts stone defensive battlements. Haldemar is the bastion for the kingdom's armed forces. Aside from its regular troops and garrison forces, the capital hosts a complement of fifteen skyships and their crews. The majority of the kingdom's Alphatian and demihuman populace lives within the capital, safely within its defences.

The People

As its name denotes, Alphatian Neatharum, is made up of two primary peoples. The ruling elite are of course the Alphatians. These Alphatians are troops and colonists sent by Empress Eriadna to subdue the locals and settle the lands. They are very militaristic, a tendency held over from the early days of conquest and nurtured by their maintaining control of the area. They are unique from their counterparts on the floating continent in that they know of Alphatia's true history; for this reason, the Alphatians of Neatharum are kept away from the general populace of Alphatia.

The kingdom also boasts a gnomish and dwarven minority. Previously they had been part of the crews that had created and maintained The Pit, which allowed easier travel between the two worlds. When that shaft was compromised, many were stranded in the Hollow World. These demihumans are often considered part of the Alphatian elite-though not spellcasters (and for some of them, not even Alphatians, but from the flying city of Serraine), their higher intellect and craftsman skills have earned them that right.

Prior to the arrival of the Alphatians, Neatharum had been home to the Nogai tribesmen. Quickly subdued by the Alphatians, the Nogai have since seen their position within Neatharum vary. At first they were enslaved and toiled to the whim of their occupiers. With Alphatia's rebirth in the Hollow World, Empress Eriadna gave them their freedom back. Though free, the Nogai are little more than what they were before the Alphatians arrived-the Spell of Preservation has kept them from adopting the more sophisticated lifestyles of the Alphatians.

Recent History

In AY 1965 [AC 965. Ed.] Prince Haldemar of Haaken discovered the way of passage into the Hollow World. Manipulations enacted by the dragon Synn sent Haldemar 35 years into the future. Regardless, he reported his findings, including the presence of Heldannic Knights, to Empress Eriadna. The empress initiated means to assert an Alphatian presence in the Hollow World. With The Pit on Aegos completed, the emerging Alphatians began establishing themselves in the Hollow World. They began subduing the native Neathar, meeting the Heldannic forces, and colonising the occupied regions.

During the Great War, The Pit collapsed and contact with the Alphatian Empire was severed. Under the military rule of General Dogrel the colonists expanded their holdings, enslaved tribesmen, and stabilised their place in Hollow World. Until Alphatia's rebirth in AY 2010 [AC 1010. Ed.] Neatharum was alone in a hostile environment. With the rebirth came proclamations from the imperial throne: the Nogai slaves were freed and future Neatharum expansions forbidden. Dogrel struggled at these restrictions, often ignoring them. This led to his removal as King of Neatharum and his being replaced by Governess Ezreilla in AY 2015 [AC 1015. Ed.]. Dogrel has since been given a commission in the imperial armed forces back on the floating continent.

Under Ezreilla's administration, Neatharum has continued its existence. Peace with neighbouring Neathar and coexistence with the Nogai are her crowning achievements and goals. Earlier deficiencies within the Neathar armed forces have been remedied by the appointment of Commander Trikard to oversee the kingdom's military needs.

Don't Miss/Do Miss

There really isn't a great deal of attractions in Neatharum. The local Neathar are uncouth barbarians and the Alphatians there are lacking the refinements of the Alphatian Continent. As with any jungle the climate is hot and humid, so visitors are encouraged to dress lightly for their own comfort. One could find the varieties of dinosaurs interesting and worthy game. But there are few left within Neatharum and those that remain are in the far reaches of the kingdom. One could find amazement in the jungles, as their expansiveness is sure to hold some remarkable traits worth seeing. However, like the dinosaurs one will have to go out looking for them.