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Needle conversion

by Håvard

Just gave the module Needle a quick read through and here are some thoughts:

* Since the module is written by Frank Mentzer and features Planar Spiders (Ok, Chaks), there is some merit for porting this over to Mystara.

* Tiamat appears (as an illusion) in the module. This can be replaced by one of the Dragon Rulers, probably the Pearl Dragon.

* The King is easily replaced by any Known World ruler, most likely the current Emperor of Thyatis at the time of the campaign.

* Bullywugs don't exist AFAIK on Mystara, but are easily replaced by Frogmen (Froglin) or even Troglodytes (see below).

* My original idea for locating the module on Davania's Jungle Coast still works, but I'm thinking an island in the Thanegioth Archipelago would work even better. That would explain the connection between the Planar Spiders of the Needle and the Aranea of the Isle of Dread. Troglodytes exist on the Isle of Dread, so they could then replace the Bullywugs.

* Frank has stated that the somewhat unpopular names given to the standard characters in the module were used intentionally so that players could come up with their own names. Replace them with more Mystaran names.

* The module was written as a tournament module, which is something I would keep in mind if using it. Avoid certain death traps unless you mean it.

* The Module introduces the new "Tunnel World", home of King Sarkum's Planar Spiders and the evil fraction known as the Black Chaks.