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Chronicles of Nentsun



by Giulio Caroletti

In the last two hundred and eight years, no major event shook the fertile soils of the Inner Circle, while the Outer one slowly recovered, and new settlers came to live there.
Came a clan of Shiye-Lawr elves who called themselves the Iliifari clan.
While most of the Shiye-Lawr elves who left Alphatia were directed to Norwold, the Iliifari thought it better to leave eastwards. Passing through Esterhold, they wanted to reach a place where no Alphatians were present. The Iliifari found the Outer Circle of Nentsun to be a good place to start their lives from again. Obliterating whole orc clans from the southern hills and forests, 1,300 elves made room for themselves in the Outer Circle (742 AC).
They were immediately befriended by the humans: the orcs' enemies were their friends, although they mistook them at first for a race of pale and frail humans. It took a lot of time for the humans to understand the difference between the two races, and there was misunderstanding in the following years, but in the end the Iliifari and the humans of the Outer Circle became somehow more and more friends...or at least, the humans, whose generations passed one after the other, begin to think of the elves as friends and neighbours. The elves didn't trust completely the humans, but believed them to be more reliable than the Alphatian aristocrats. In 949 AC, the elf Skaarn became the first non-human Master in Nentsunian history.

In 976 AC, the elven King, Vidaar, was slain mysteriously in the forest.
The elves blamed an human adventuring party led by the rakasta Shikimura. The rakastas hadn't accepted the elves like the humans did, and an ambitious elf named Rifilel told the elves that they should war against the humans and rakastas, because they wanted to erase their presence form Nentsun. Rifilel was a complete paranoid, and he believed fully in what he said. When Skaarn voiced his concern, saying that he suspected that it was Rifilel, and not the rakasta, who had killed their king, Rifilel called upon all the most paranoid Shiye-Lawr attitudes of the Iliifari, telling the clan that Skaarn was a traitor because he had lived among the humans, and wanted to exploit the forest for the perverse humans. The Iliifari was uncertain about the situation. In the end they decided to let the clan council judge the matter. With a small majority, the council voted against Rifilel. The elf lost the final bonds to sanity and went on a frenzy, trying to kill Skaarn and other elves, randomly. He was then captured and jailed. While the council thought about the matter, the elf hung himself.

This was the last significant event of Nentsun's history till year 1000 AC. The Outer Circle is now a mostly civilised land, although some hills and forest regions are still dangerous and settled by green orcs. The Inner Circle is richer, however, and there is still some tension between the people living in the two areas.