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by Barry Clarke

This is my Unitians/Starians without the ecology/race determination. This is also the filtered down version, trying to blend in well in the NOH. When Monty gets that chance (hopefully at L21) these races will be a killer, but with some disadvantages to match. For example a strict code of conduct. These races that Monty wants to create are "designed" to hunt and destroy fiends/devil/demons like a human kills a ogre. This is the watered down version of these races.

Probably they would best be encountered in ruins or the outer planes.

Note: These races are the personification of the RuneQuest rune in humanoid form. These races could be a cross between the Star/Infinity and Unity/Infinity runes. These races presented below are just the Star and Unity runes and their associated powers. Since your Mr Rune Guy your approval of how this is presented, would be nice. These Races just hunt ogres unlike their counterparts. These are the Unitian Nephilim and the Starian Nephilim. The "Nephilim" designation just means "lower", not "cursed", or "sinned".

Unitian Nephilim and Starian Nephilim (NOH Race)

These races were inspired from my fascination with the runes from the RPG RuneQuest.

The Unitians are a dark skinned race with a metallic skin resembling humans. The Starians are a white skinned race with a metallic skin resembling humans. The metal of the skin of the Unitians is a metal called Black Star Metal, thus giving them their black coloured skin. The Starians skin is from a metal called White Star Metal. Both act as normal skin but is extremely resistant to injury, giving the Unitians a natural AC -5 and the Starians an AC 0. They are often mistaken for golems but are a sub-species of humanity.

Unitian Nephilim and Starian Nephilim have a set of special powers unique to their being, in addition to their class chosen. Unitian Nephilim have the powers of gravity, mass, time travel, imprisonment. Starian Nephilim have the powers of protection, all-seeing/never surprised, first strike.

Unitian Nephilim tend towards warrior classes and Starian Nephilim tend towards the magic using classes

Unitian Nephilim and Starian Nephilim tend to be of Good or Lawful alignment.

SPECIES: (as a character creation)

Str Dex Con Int Wis Chr Age: Ht:(") Wt:(lbs.)
Unitian Nephilim 15-? 3-18 12-? 3-18 3-18 9-18 1-500 65+3d6 160+6d10
Starian Nephilim 9-18 3-18 12-18 15-? 12-? 9-18 1-500 65+3d6 160+6d10

Unitian Nephilim: receive +1 STR, +1 to CON, -1 INT, -1 WIS.
Starian Nephilim: receive +1 INT, +1 to WIS, -1 STR, -1 CHR.
Both receive PSPs: 3d6 x 10


Level Maxima:

War Wiz Cleric Specialist Wiz Specialist War Specialist Cleric
Unitian Nephilim U* 9 U*% 9 U*# 15%
Starian Nephilim 9 U* U*% U* 12# U*%

U* = unlimited level progression;
# = as per fighter but gains spells at 9th level similar to paladin;
% = Clerics tend to follow gods whose Area of Control is sympathetic to one or more of their runic powers;

Unitian Nephilim

Level Racial Abilities Gained
1 One extra WP
2 Gravity Attraction (treat as Psionic Psychokinesis: Telekinesis but attracting only)
3 Increase/Decrease Mass (as per Enlarge spell and Item spell) Increase/Decrease Density effecting objects, person etc
4 Zero Gravity - Fly, Weightlessness
5 Antigravity - reverse gravity (spell Reverse Gravity is one application)
10 Time Travel
15 Imprisonment

Specialist Warrior Spheres: Time, Numbers, Combat
Clerical Spheres: All, Time, Numbers, Combat, Necromancy, Healing

Starian Nephilim

Level Racial Abilities Gained
1 Bonus Proficiency: (Player pick one): Alertness, Danger Sense, Sense Danger, or Alertness as per Rod of Alertness)
1 Protection 4%/level, max 88% (treat as Magical Resistance and include Mental Resistance, Psionic/Psychic Resistance)
3 Never Surprised
5 First Strike (increases every 5 levels). Allows 1 extra round of combat before normal combat begins, OR has weapon speed power similar to Short Sword of Quickness and Scimitar of Speed. It strikes in that segment of the round. Can also use spell First Strike from Cerilia (Birthright).
5 Psionic power: All-round vision, 60 yards radius, increases 10 yards/level.

Specialist Warrior Spheres: Protection, Divination, Wards
Clerical Spheres: All, Protection, Divination, Wards, Necromancy, Healing