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New Thanegioth Archipelago Island

by Chris Seabrook

In my campaign, the players got in a fight with the pirates in the seas to the east of the Thanegioth archipelago. I was using the Rules Cyclopedia combat system (Sea Machine?), and they didn't have too much left in them, so I let them escape into a fog bank with the aid of a merchant prince (see Minrothad Guilds Gaz) NPC's spells.

I whipped up this island so they could have something to wash up on.

It is a new(ish) volcanic island that is being built up by wind and sea current (east to west as per the coriolis effect). I didn't put any inhabitants on it, but it might be a good place for Ierendi's amphibious lizard folk, or the shark-kin lizard folk (PC3).

This map was done with "Hexmapper". I didn't remove my notes this time.