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World in Flames

by Bruce Heard

A few more thoughts:

As the end of the war approaches, we have new poles of power in the Known World...

The Northern Block: Vestland, Thyatis, Wendar, Glantri (Glantri???)

Vestland negotiates a separate treaty with Freiburg. Freiburg develops a good relation with Wendar around their joint crusade against Denagoth, and Glantri is de facto an ally of Wendar. Freiburg and Glantri eventually pressure the Wizard King in distancing himself from the perceived rival. Glantri's tie with Wendar is weak, but extant in that both Wendar and Glantri share the dubious honour of having to fight humanoid invasions on a regular basis from this point on. Glantri otherwise remains a chaotic, marginal state.

The Heartlands: Ethengar, Rockhome, Soderfjord, (Alphatia & northern Norwold, Bellissaria?) -- who are pretending they aren't allied but are evidently associated by the time the war ends. Meanwhile Ethengar and the HK are trying really hard not to run into each other -- any bets how long this may last?

The Empire: controlling Ostland with the HK and Vestland (wonder which way this will go eventually). They probably end up holding Ylaruam by the end of the war, while looking ominously at a Karameikos. Minrothad probably hesitates to either ally with Thyatis or become a member of the WDL, considering their precarious position right under the imperial nose. The Heldannic Knights are obviously allied to the Empire because of their Hattian supporters there, which puts them in a very odd position vis-a-vis the other members of the Northern Block.

The Western Defence League: Darokin, Aengmor, the Shires, Karameikos, (Ylaruam -- whenever), and possibly Ierendi at some point. It becomes important to chart out the network of interventions, depending on whether it is indeed the Master of Hule attacking, or Thyatis, or yet another outside peril. Each member may have a different take on these issues. Glantri now has a poor relation with Darokin, at least as long as Kol remains the king there or even a legitimate prince (after all he had Darokinians massacred to support his own plans). The Atruaghin Clans continue to live in a virtual void, but it would make sense for them to ally with Darokin.

This leaves the humanoids of Urzud and Denagoth as possible allies. The Master of Hule now has his own fish to fry in Sind and elsewhere, possibly also facing an invasion from Urzud. He'd be in trouble if this happened.