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Escape from New Hope

by Tristan Dunigan

I just thought Id post one of my adventure ideas up here to see if anybody else out there could get any use from it.

Picture This:

New Hope Penitentiary, in Cimmaron County, is home to some of the most vile villains and criminals on the Savage Coast. Almost all the nations of the Coast send their worst criminals here for safe keeping as it has reputation for being a very secure place. The guards are all crack shots with wheel-locks and there are plenty of them to keep the prison population in line.

But, even the strongest of walls wont hold up to a few barrels of smokepowder!

A Wurmling (see the Savage Coast Monstrous Compendium) Crime Lord in Eusdria has decided to aid in a prison breakout in Cimmaron County. If pulled off, it means that many of the Coasts most violent criminals will be loose again and on the rampage. The Crime Lord stands to gain allies in this break-out; Allies that he can put to good use in his own criminal network.

Among the escaped villains are:

The Bernadas Gang:

Originally from Guadalante; Imprisoned for cattle wrangling, robbery, and murder / Soon they will add kidnapping to the list as the gang plans on stealing away Marion, the Nephew of Sir John and heading for a pre- arranged hide-out to await ransom. The Gang Consists of:

Jerney 8th Lvl Human Thief/Bandit (NE)
Jayme 6th Lvl Half-Elf Ranger/Gaucho (LE)
Juancho 4th Lvl Human Fighter/Outlaw (NE)
Ramon 7th Lvl Human Fighter/Outlaw (NE)
Alejo 3rd Lvl Halfling Thief/Inheritor (LE)
Juilio 4th Lvl Dwarf Fighter/Gaucho (CN)

Usamah Cruz

9th Lvl Human Fighter/Inheritor (CE) Originally from Saragón; he and his henchmen are responsible for the massacre of a group of 22 people while they stood in a line waiting to receive a Cinnabryl handout from Don Luis de Manzanas He was apprehended and placed in custody. He became afflicted soon after capture and was so enraged, that he then killed 7 guards in an escape attempt. Was then move to Cimmaron for imprisonment.

Duarte DeSoto:

8th Lvl Human Thief/Swashbuckler (N) Arrested in Slagovich for stealing the Crown Jewels of the Margrave. Boasted that no jail could hold him. Escaped 5 times until finally sent to New Hope for his prison sentence.

Hasani Orlando:

7th Lvl Half-Orc Fighter/Outlaw (NE) Arrested in South Gulch after robbing a trading caravan and killing the 6 Tortle workers who were in charge of its delivery. Suspected of being in league with the Bernadas gang now.

Mandel the Black:

10th Lvl Elf (Aranea) Mage (LE) Arrested in Eusdria for luring women to his home, raping them and butchering them. To this day, no bodies have been recovered. It is speculated that Mandel has animated the bodies of the missing woman into lifeless zombies. He was sent to Cimmaron at the request of King Sigismund himself in exchange for an undisclosed

Captain Oscar "RedBeard" Marcos:

9th Lvl Human Thief/Buccaneer (NE) Captured along with a large portion of his crew, by Texeiran naval officials for Piracy and Murder. Brought to New Hope for permanent imprisonment. Vilaverde protests his imprisonment and maintains that Captain Marcos is one of their Merchant captains. His ship, the Calypso Ghost, is impounded in Texeiras.

Maximillion "Padre Death" Orleans:

10th Lvl Cleric/Inquisitor (LN) Apprehended in a daring raid by Torreóner SellSwords in the service of Sir John, Padre Death is imprisoned for crimes against humanity and is responsible for the deaths of literally hundreds of people during the Inquisition of 1009.

Basically, this scenario turns the PC's into bounty hunters. The villains will take the PC's on a manhunt that spans the entire coastal region! Along the way, there are bound to be side treks and what not to keep the party busy. DM's should feel free to set the conditions and amount of the bounty on each villain as they see fit. OR

Have the PCs be the "villains" (if you run this kinda game)and be on the run from the authorities after they break out of New Hope. The goal: avoid being caught and disappear, hopefully to live the good life under a false name.

I'm trying the first scenario with my current group. Let me know what you think if you try either idea.