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New items

by Kevin Turner

Mage's Cot

This item is almost exactly what it appears to be: a normal wood-frame folding cot with canvas. The difference here is that there is a small mesh bag on the underside of the cot. The whole apparatus radiates very minimal magic. If a mage places his spell book in the mesh bag before going to sleep, he will be able to learn one spell _in his sleep!_

The book must be opened to the page(s) with the desired spell, and the mage must get at least 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep for the item to work. It only works once every 48 hours and is good for only one spell.

These items are fairly common amongst those strange mages who go out into the adventuring field, offering them the opportunity to have one spell ready even in the middle of the night, thus keeping them from being casualties during a midnight raid. They are actually banned at most schools of magecraft for obvious reasons.

Chthonia's Portrait

This is a small painting in a mahogany frame. It's about an 8x10, slightly smaller. It depicts a raven-haired female warrior with her foot atop a slain beast. The detail is amazing considering the size. The more amazing thing is that the picture _changes_ from day to day. The warrior herself is the only thing that never changes.

The painting appears to be done in oil on canvas, with certain features being in relief. Which item is in relief differs from day to day, as does the picture itself.

Once per week, the item in relief may be touched by the owner of the Portrait. When this happens, the item actually comes out of the portrait, growing instantly to real-world size and is useable. Roll d6 on the following table to see what results occur from which items:

1. Armour (the warrior's armour is in relief. When touched, the armour becomes available for the owner of the portrait. What type is left to the DM or may be determined randomly. Whatever type it is, it is +2 and stays in existence for 12 hours before disappearing)

2. Weapon (the warrior's weapon is in relief. Again left to DM or random chance what type of weapon, but it also is +2 and stays in existence for 12 hours)

3. Creature (the creature under the warrior's foot is in relief. It's never an overly powerful creature [i.e. no dragons], but whatever it is comes into existence under the control of the portrait's owner and will follow basic commands in Common, much like an automaton. Stays for d4 turns)

4. Object (some random, but useful, object which is in the background of the portrait. It could be something as simple as a backpack, or perhaps a tent. It stays for 12 hours)

5. Sun (when the sun is in relief in the background, touching it will give the Portrait's owner the ability to cast *Chromatic Orb* as an 8th level wizard, but only of the colour that the sun is in the Portrait. This ability will stay with the owner until the spell is cast, or the owner next goes to sleep)

6. Background (four possible backgrounds are in relief. If it is a snow-covered mountain, touching it will give the owner the power to cast *Cone of Cold*. Storm clouds and lightning will give the power to cast *Lightning Bolt*. A background volcano bestows *Fireball*, and dark night in the background gives the power to cast *Darkness 15' Radius*. All of these spells are the same as *Chromatic Orb* above for duration and level of spell-use)

This item is a one-of-a-kind thing. The woman in the portrait is the warrior Chthonia. She was killed battling the vampire lord Alyssa, and the Portrait was done for her sister Ambrosia by a priest of Chaos. It was first painted, then imbued with a minor Chaotic spirit, which gives it the power to call forth the items.