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The New Olympians

by Steven B Wilson

After their debacle on Mount Olympus, I would say that they were spending several centuries clearing out the "Immortal Stables"... the Immortals that posed as the Greek Gods were detailed in the section of lesser-known Immortals in the WotI rulebook. I doubt they had any influence in the Milenian Empire, as they were rather young Immortals in WotI (Bemarris, Kythria, Lokena, Palson, Patura, Taroyas, Turmis were all Initiates), while they ranged from Temporal to Empyreal in IM2. Therefore, I would say that IM2 takes place sometime in the future rather than the past, as there also follows a Golden Age, in which the arts expand and war declines, etc, of which there has been no mention in any history...

Since this subject came up, let me share the little bit of Immortal work that I've done. It concerns IM2 and the "upstart" Immortals. I'm not sure how well this melds with "cannon" (the dreaded word these days) but here are my ideas:


This is a case of new Immortals wanting to belong to something, and trying to make themselves look important. Most other Immortals completely ignore them or laugh behind their backs. They truly believe they are an up-and-coming power, and their sponsors and willing to let them be as long as they don't get too strong-headed, or become a danger to themselves or others. Justice would be swift and painfully embarrassing to these "youngsters." With 5 Hierarchs, an Eternal, and an Empyreal as their individual sponsors, they are comfortably under control.

"Zeus" - Taroyas (Sphere: Time - Sponsor: Khoronus) Founder of the New Olympians as a strength in numbers organisation. Patron of Kingship. He and Patura are lovers.

"Hera" - Patura (Sphere: Energy - Sponsor: Ixion) Almost joined Entropy. Patron of downtrodden women. Her and Taroyas are lovers.

"Poseidon" - *** (Sphere: Time) Taroyas has been trying to attract Protius' attention to the group but the ancient Immortal will have nothing to do with them. Patron of the sea.

"Demeter" - *** (Sphere: Time) Thought has been given to Ordana, but everyone fears she would prove as unsympathetic as Protius (and they are right about this). Patron of agriculture.

"Apollo" - Palson (Sphere: Thought - Sponsor: Noumena) Multi-talented and amorous. Patron of fine arts and healing.

"Artimis" - *** (Sphere: Thought) This position is completely open to any female who wants it. Patron of hunting, unmarried girls and chastity.

"Hephaestus" - *** (Sphere: Matter) The Twelve Watchers has shown interest, but most feel uncomfortable with him (them?). The Olympians really want someone like Wayland, architect of Pandius. (No chance!)

"Athena" - Lokena (Sphere: Matter - Sponsor: Ka) Enjoys a good fight. Patron of wisdom, skills and warfare.

"Ares" - Bemarris (Sphere: Energy - Sponsor: Thor) Temperamental and stubborn. Patron of war.

"Aphrodite" - Kythria (Sphere: Energy - Sponsor: Eiryndul) Much like Valerias, but hates her for some reason. Patron of love. She and Harrow (not an Olympian) are lovers.

"Hermes" - Turmis (Sphere: Thought - Sponsor: Korotiku) Clever and a show-off. Patron of thieves and messengers.

"Hestia" - *** (Sphere: Matter) This position is completely open to any female who wants it. Patron of hearth, home and virginity.

"Pluto" - *** (Sphere: Entropy) This position poses a special problem for the Olympians. Orcus is the obvious choice, but they're afraid to ask, because he just might accept! But they do need an entropic Immortal - preferably one they could control instead of the other way around. Leptar is the other choice but NOBODY wants that dull-witted brute around. Patron of the dead. (The Immortal candidate Brannart McGregor is a possibility...if he makes it)

Anyway, there it is. Do with it what you like. I plan on using it when/if my PCs gain Immortality to have these folks contact one of them for a position in their group. Not only will it get them intimately involved in IM2, but in a whole range of Immortal plotting and scheming. Besides it will give them a chance to have some allies fairly soon - maybe after some kind of "initiation"...hmmm, all sorts of possibilities there. :) Enjoy!