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A New Sultan on the Throne

[Ed. Notes: citations are from the Nahmeh, the Holy Book of al-Kalim.]

O infidels, hear so "that you may know and understand" that all citizens of the Emirates of Ylaruam, from the lowly street-sweeper to the most holy Champion of the Eternal Truth, shall no longer tolerate your presence within our holy lands. The corruption of the uncivilised, with their greed and lecherousness, bodes ill for the True Believers as "wealth does not avail before the Terminator of Earthly Delights."

During the World Games, the infidel was welcomed with opens arms as "the grateful host is indeed blessed by the Immortal Ones." We accepted with open hearts and minds the infidel, knowing that we could show him the error of his ways, bring him to the Eternal Truth and give him an understanding of life. It is said that al-Kalim foretold that "the stranger must be succoured in times of need" as they sure are in now.

Yet the infidels betrayed their host and entered the household with deceit and lies. They came because of greed and pride, desiring to acquire ill-gotten gains and steal from the True Believers all in the name of peace and the World Games. The words of al-Kalim, as they are written in the Nahmeh for all to read, warn us to "not deceive one another, O my children, lest your enemy the wolf devour you with the deceitful words of his mouth, for his teeth are like a thousand swords and his mouth is like the dark abyss from which there is no return." Clearly, the infidels are indeed the wolf, for they have brought greed, lecherousness, and unholiness to our Sacred Land all under the false pretence of friendship.

The dishonourable Mohammed al-Kalim, a blood descendant of the Bringer of Truth himself, was the first to feel "the sting of the viper" from the infidels. His mind was weak, and his devotion lacking, for he brought the evil into our land. Such a man who has fallen from grace, like "an arm infected with a grave disease, must be removed lest it spread into the whole body. It will be a painful act, but one that only the brave can accomplish without fear as he knows it must be done."

With such blessing from the words of al-Kalim himself did the Kin faction strive to remove the tainted Sultan from his undeserved throne. Under the leadership of Hassan the True, descendant of al-Kalim, the brave Kin warriors rose to fight off the corrupted whose faith "is as empty as the bottom of a dry well." Like a sandstorm that springs out of the empty desert, so to did an army appear where there was none. Truly al-Kalim had foreseen such a fate and blessed the Kin to grant them such a courageous army in but a fortnight.

Mohammed feared the Kin, and refused to step down, as any man who cared about the True Believers and his own faith would have done. Instead, he urged those who had been corrupted as him to raise their own scimitars and defend their new way of life, however misguided it may be. Sadly, as is the case when the desert swallows a caravan, those weak of mind were also overtaken by his words. Many flocked to him, as his title of Sultan and the blood of al-Kalim in his veins were convincing, unable to see the Eternal Truth in the words of the Kin. Yet they failed to understand that it is only the blood of al-Kalim in his veins and the he is not al-Kalim. He is mortal and just as vulnerable to error as any man, dog, or donkey. The blood of al-Kalim helps him, just as training with a scimitar helps a true warrior, but it does not guarantee victory.

The two armies clashed in the desert, as "a great storm created by the clash of the efreet and djinn." Many shall be mourned for they sacrificed their lives to the great Truth. The armies of the Sultan were formidable, their scimitars cutting a path through the Believers as sand covers the long forgotten ruins. Still, the Kin continued to fight bravely, assured that they were right and destined for victory. "We must be the candles that burn so that others might have light," Hassan quoted to his tired warriors.

And, o infidel, let it be known that he was right. The furious wrath of al-Kalim over swept the battle field in a large sandstorm, causing even the bravest soldier in the Sultan's army to fear his chosen path. The leaders of the Sultan's forces disappeared beneath the sand "as a sinking ship into the waters of the sea." The storm clearly indicated that "there is no power but in the Immortals," and that the Immortals were on the side of the Kin.

That was the first sign of al-Kalim as to who was the True Believer and who was the infidel. Many soon flocked to the Kin, clearly seeing with their new eyes where the blessed stood and where corruption was spreading. That is when the Kin cut a path to the capital of Ylaruam, unable to be stopped by the best the cursed Sultan had to offer, as "the sword of truth smites the unbeliever and the cruel man. Its path is like lightning, and its aim does not err."

The battle of the capital was long and bloody, but the army of Kin, still true its their faith, was "strong and true, invincible in its might." It took but four days and four nights to overthrow their defences and capture the centre of all corruption, the Sultan himself.

The leaders of the Kin disbanded the Preceptors, traitorous as they were, to place only True Believers on the Council. It is before this council, called the Kin Council in honour of those who were strong in faith, that Mohammed al-Kalim's trial was decided. His acts of transgression against the true will of al-Kalim deserved nothing less than a dishonourable execution. So was his fate decreed.

The courageous Hassan 'the True' al-Kalim was named the new Sultan. With the power and authority which were rightfully his, the new Sultan began the process of healing our wounded souls and restoring the Eternal Truth to its respectful place in our scarred society. As it was destined, the infidels were to be punished for their heinous crimes against the One True Faith. Sultan Hassan al-Kalim banished the infidels from the Holy Lands, declaring that no longer will they be welcome guests in our homes, no longer will they enjoy our protection, no longer will they receive our gifts of water and gold. The True Believers were granted permission to punish any infidel they found as they saw fit as surely "al-Kalim will guide them in their judgement if their hearts are well placed."

O evil infidels, let this message be your warning to never return to the sacred lands. We have given you your chance, and you repaid us with mockery and the near destruction of our honourable ways. Any such persons trespassing will be viewed as terrorists who commit acts as vile as tainting our water and will be killed such as a dog deserves, without glory or honour.

Faisel ibn Yasir