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Drake, Nightdrake

by Håvard

Armor Class | 0
Hit Dice | 6*** (M)
Move | 120' (40')
Attacks | 2 claw/1bite
Damage | 1d2/1d2/1d8+1
No. Appearing | 1d4(1d4)
Save As | M8
Morale | 8
Treasure Type | (Vx2), E
Intelligence | 10
Alignment | Chaotic
XP Value |1.175
Monster Type: Dragon-Kin (Rare)

Nightdrakes are the Drake equivalents of Night Dragons. Connected to the Sphere of Entropy, Nightdrakes can assume the form of a Vampire, though with none of its abilities or weaknesses except Energy Drain. Nightdrakes can only use Energy Drain when in Vampire form.