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Thoughts on enhancing the map of Sind

by Simone Neri

Some notes about Thorf's updated map of Sind at 8mph.

The label "Humanoids" in the south-western mountains of Kadesh maybe could be a little more precise, specifying the race of humanoids inhabiting this area. According to my old "Demografia Mystarana", the most numerous humanoid races of the Kurish Massif are ogres, gnolls, and bugbears (the latter in the eastern part of the range, mostly).

Dwarves form a small minority in Sind; they came here after the Glantrian Purge (805 AC), and settled in the "mountains of Nagpuri, Gunjab, Peshmir". Maybe one or two dwarven settlements could be added; the best places are anywhere in Gunjab, the mountain spur between Mahasabad and the Shehid Monastery, and the mountain slopes south-east of Karakandar or Jalbad. Possible names: Khalram, Kog Daral, Dholtaruhm.

Most rivers are without a name. For those located in the north-east, near Lake Hast, I'd use the names of the rivers featured on the westernmost fringe of GAZ3 original map - later superseded by CoM and WotI maps. The small rivers featured there are called Aifa, Kesh, and Dool. The river coming south from the western side of the Adri Varma is called "Black River" in Sturm's map of the plateau: to give it a more Indian flavor, it could be called Kaalee Nadee or Kaalee River. The river of Latehar could be the Lohang, while the two rivers coming down from the Kurish Massif to Karakandar could be the Jheskar and Chenlej rivers. Finally, the two rivers of Pramayama and Bangore could be called Yamdak and Dohibi rivers. (For the names I've meddled into the names of some RW Indian rivers.)

Some names also for the lakes featured inside the Salt Swamp, just in case you'd like to name them: Surajar, Rewashar, Punamkotta, Ansham, and Nachipadra.

Many settlements on the map lack a name. Advising you that I'm not an expert of Hindi language, I'm going to suggest some temptive name for those settlements, having taken some inspiration from RW map of India:

Azadgal: Changad Peb Keep, Payarghata, Satkhirat, Talkhata, Nakashwar, Rawatabad.
Baratkand: Diyyat, Bikamsar, Palinawas, Siwanapur, Jahazgarh, Amalnaon.
Jalawar: Bamargad, Javsar.
Peshmir: Kalyandurg Keep.
Putnabad: Jaisalgarh Fort.
Sindrastan: Mitbuhar, Viraparkar, Khairkur, Uttarlaya.

Feel free to use those names or to change them, I just devised them from scratch!

Besides this, probably some more features could be added to the map - old temples, some ruins, rajas' palaces, mausoleums, huge stone statues of Immortals carved into stone, forts (or their ruins) built by the more powerful rulers of the past. Also, a short river or two in the Nagpuri plain, flowing into the Amsorak Lake, would be appropriate - even if in this case the river should then appear also on GAZ11 8mph map of Darokin.