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by Giulio N Caroletti

Location: Endworld Spine, near the Land of the Closed Society and in the northern part of the Spine.
Area: 83 km sq
Population: 1,300 (300 clergy, 1,000 undead)
Languages: Brasovian (mostly - no official language) Coinage: None
Government Type: Theocracy. The land is under the control of Azrael's clergy
Industries: None
Important Figures: Gabor Rakoczy
Flora and Fauna: Nothing apart undead. All animal life found by the clergy or undead is eliminated.
Description: This area is the centre of power of Azrael's clergy. A dark secluded valley of the Endworld Spine, Niflheim is called as the domain plane of Hel. In the valley, nothing grows, and it is eternally filled with snow; the sun doesn't reach it, so the snow is never melted, and nothing seems to be present there. However, in the area, there is an underground fortress. Here, the allied clergies of Azrael and Hel work all the year, performing dark rituals that, together with the corresponding rituals of the clergy located in Brasov, keep the number of stillborn children in that kingdom higher than normal. The stillborn children are brought from Brasov here, where the clerics raise them and alter them magically. Some of them are grown to become one form or another of undead; others become clerics themselves; others are used for darker rituals and purposes...
Niflheim hosts about 300 clerics of Hel and Azrael, plus 1,000 undead servants of various forms.